Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 7: The Handler

Audio Log #25: Researcher Log 1

Once you pass through the decompression ring, zip your way down to the hacking panel. Zip past it towards the ladder to find this on the ground beside the ladder.

Comic Page #24: Pages 47-48

After your free fall past the spinning beams, make a right. Head down the first walkway here to find a comic at the end.

Comic Page #25: Pages 49-50

After dropping past the Spider Mines, you'll fight an enemy and have your OWL hack open a door. Inside this starry room, head to the back left of the top floor to find a comic by the stairs.

Dossier #13: Thomas Sinclair

Drop through this shaft in the very next room. Exit through the left door, and note the room ahead of you (it's the security room used as an optional objective in a moment). The only way in is to shoot out the windows a bit further down the walkway. Do so, then hop inside to find this on a table.

Comic Page #26: Pages 51-52

Exit this room and head left. The other room on the far end has a comic on the floor inside.

Audio Log #26: Researcher Log 2

After rappelling into the hatch, turn around. There's an audio log in the corner behind you.

Dossier #14: The Spire

When you reach Massar's private lab, look to the table to her right to find this.

Newspaper #6: New Helghan News

This is found immediately after escorting Massar inside the container. It's right next to the airlock controls.

Comic Page #27: Pages 53-54

When escorting Massar through the final section of the mission, drop from the ladder she climbs down. Turn around, then head past the room you just exited. Take a right just past the orange panels to find it on a workbench.