Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 6: The Agent

Dossier #10: New Helghan Prison

Start leaping across the storage containers at the start of the level. When your mysterious helper blows the first security camera, enter the unit it was guarding. The dossier is inside.

Dossier #11: Echo

Proceed until you encounter a pair of guards past the hiding containers; your help will try to hack into their radio frequency. Sneak past them, then stop. When they go out on patrol again, head to where they were standing to find another dossier.

Audio Log #21: Shipping Manifest

Continue on the walkway past the guards. When you head up the first set of stairs, turn right to find an audio log atop a storage container.

Comic Page #18: Pages 35-36

When your helper goes offline, you'll be moving through these pipes. Drop from them and turn right. Enter the open unit here to find a comic.

Comic Page #19: Pages 37-38

Proceed until just after the first mark sniper sequence. In here, two Helghast soldiers will be questioning a civilian. Take them out, and the man will open a storage container for you. This comic is inside.

Dossier #12: Containment City

During the second mark sniper sequence, you'll enter this blue-roofed control room. The dossier is on the ground by the far orange screen.

Audio Log #22: Delivery Concerns

Proceed until you take an escalator to a man attempting suicide by some trees. Take a right to find this on a bunk bed.

Comic Page #20: Pages 39-40

When you start the third mark sniper sequence, you'll be near a guard working a panel. Take him out and enter the vent behind him to find a comic inside.

Audio Log #23: Emergency Call Report

After battling the Attack Drone, move toward the elevator. Before boarding, climb the nearby stairs. There's a ledge up here you can hoist yourself to (the one with the sniper rifle). You'll find an audio log up here.

Comic Page #21: Pages 41-42

Ride the elevator up, then head left. Head inside the closest modular in this room to find a comic on the floor inside.

Newspaper #5: Vekta Daily

You'll find this when Echo hands the sniper rifle to you. Once she moves your storage container over to another, drop inside when she tells you to do so. The newspaper is in here.

Audio Log #24: Shots Fired

After returning Echo's sniper rifle, head down the stairs and bear right. There's an audio log atop some crates here.

Comic Page #22: Pages 43-44

Head to the left side of these walkways. Over here is a Spider Mine; hack it and move past the cameras to the security panel. Detonate nearby to kill the cameras. Now proceed forward to see some soldiers patrolling in front of a small storage room. Have Echo take them out, then check behind the crates inside the room for a comic.

Comic Page #23: Pages 45-56

This is found during the final sequence of the mission, where you'll run like hell over the border into Vekta City. Just before heading through the blue bay door, turn left to spot this atop a crate.