Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 2: The Shadow

Comic Page #1: Pages 1-2

Early in the chapter, you'll have crawl through this air duct. Enter and take a right to find your first comic down the path.

Audio Log #1: Helghast Dam Employee

You'll enter this room after stealth killing your first Helghast. Head for the back right right, then take the stairs up to a bathroom. The first audio log is between stalls in here.

Dossier #1: Vekta City Dam

When you drop from a ledge to kill two Helghast soldiers, take a look under the ledge you dropped from. You'll find your first dossier on a desk there.

Comic Page #2: Pages 7-8

You'll soon see a smoking crash site ahead. From there, head left to a high ledge and use your zipline to cross to this building. When you land, turn around to find a comic page along the fence behind you.

Audio Log #2: Helghast Sniper

Use the zipline to reach the closest watchtower. From there, look ahead to another tower with red-black roofing. Zip there to find an audio log up top.

Comic Page #3: Pages 3-4

After the crash site, you'll approach this destroyed bunker. Inside, head upstairs and zip across to the other half of the bunker across the gap. Head down to the lowest level to find a bunch of supplies and another comic page.

Comic Page #4: Pages 5-6

On your way to destroy the anti-air guns, look toward the river. There's a comic book page atop this large rock. To reach it, you have to climb up the ledges behind it. Once high enough, use a zipline to glide over the rock, then drop from the line to land on the rock proper.

Dossier #2: Vekta City

Continue up toward the anti-air guns, and look for this ledge with a fallen tree. You need to get in there, either by jumping up now, or heading further up the trail and dropping in. Once there, you'll find this by some rocks that border the bushes.

Newspaper #1: New Helghan News

You can grab the chapter's last collectible while exploring the Communications Hub. When you reach the top floor, look to the desk past the console you need to hack. Your first newspaper sits there.