Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 5: The Helghast

Newspaper #4: New Helghan News

Proceed until you leave the disabled train. When you drop into the market, look for this kiosk with an orange awning. The newspaper is on it.

Audio Log #14: Helghast Call Home

Continue toward objective B. Head down the escalators and clear out the room of Helghast soldiers and recruits. The audio log is on the table here.

Dossier #7: Tyran

Continue forward toward your objective. When you climb the stairs, take a right to find this atop a bunk.

Audio Log #15: Interrogation Record

When you meet Zeus, you'll get a secondary objective to erase his name. This objective will take you to a security checkpoint with an auto-turret. Destroy the turret to pass through the checkpoint unharmed. Crawl through the vent on the other side, and you'll find an audio log when you emerge.

Comic Page #12: Pages 23-24

Head through the vent out of Zeus' safehouse (the one you didn't take to get there). Move up the stairs and enter the shelter with the blue awning. The comic is on a bunk inside.

Comic Page #13: Pages 25-26

Battle your way up toward the elevator to Containment City. When you encounter the doorway guarded by a turret, clear the area and look to the wall opposite the turret. Over there is a room with several servers…and another comic!

Audio Log #16: Tracking Record 1

When you reach the large elevator, move past it to the back of the room. There's an audio log on the shelf here.

Audio Log #17: Helghast Rant 1

After your descent, step out of the elevator and follow the walkway. Stop at the hanging yellow cloth and look to the table near the destroyed couch. There's an audio log here.

Dossier #8: VSA HQ

Proceed through the rows of slum houses until you hear Tyran over the radio warning about a Shadow Marshal among the people. In the very next row of homes, enter this open trailer. The dossier is inside.

Audio Log #18: Tracking Record 3

Continue through the slums. On the very next walkway, Tyran will taunt you over the radio again. Look for a detour to the left along this walkway; there's an audio log atop a gas tank at the end of it.

Audio Log #19: Tracking Record 2

Continue along the path. After you descend several staircases, you'll come upon this scene with a Helghast Soldier and several citizens. Follow this path to the objective marker, then move just a bit more ahead. There's an audio log atop another gas tank here.

Audio Log #20: Helghast Rant 2

Just a little further ahead is a cantina area with a huge group of enemies. Take them out, then check by the sink for another audio log.

Comic Page #14: Pages 27-28

Turn right from the cantina area. See that blue structure? Crouch to pass under it and find a comic.

Comic Page #15: Pages 33-34

Continue descending until you reach this soldier with his back to you. Take a right from him and hop into the first trailer on the left. Them comic is on a bedroll in here.

Comic Page #16: Pages 29-30

Hop out of the trailer from the way you entered and head right to backtrack a bit. Follow this path to find another comic atop a crate.

Comic Page #17: Pages 31-32

Enter the nearby trailer and press ahead to the extreme left corner of this floor. The next comic is in a corner here.

Dossier #9: The Wall

Continue to Tyran's hideout. When you find it, don't hack the console just yet. Instead, look to the table nearby for another dossier.

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