Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 3: The Doctor

Audio Log #3: Massar's Diary 1

When you turn off the airlock, you'll move past some quarantine crates into this room. Head down the nearby staircase, then check behind it for an audio log.

Audio Log #4: Parons' Worries

Soon after, you'll have to find a route instead of the elevator. When you activate the next airlock, look up from your entrance. The audio log is atop this first platform.

Audio Log #5: Parsons' Diary 2

Head upwards to objective D. When you enter this bridge room, drop to you right. Head into the back left corner here to find another audio log.

Audio Log #6: A Sunny Day

Now head down the other path from the blocked bridge. Pull the Petrusite Capacitor here to extinguish the flames in the next room; you can see the audio log in a charred body's hand. Proceed through the next Petrusite door and turn right to reach it.

Audio Log #7: Parsons' Diary 1

Just after, you'll enter a room with three Petrusite Capacitor slots. Take a left to find this atop a cart along the wall.

Dossier #3: The Cassandra

When you reach the bridge, head down the stairs to the left. The dossier is on the ground near a computer over here.

Comic Page #5: Pages 11-12

On your way out of the bridge, you'll move through this room full of computers. Head down the side walkway, taking out the soldiers and drones along the way. When you reach the room with the panels, activate the panel nearest you to open a room with a ladder. Climb up, move forward, and drop down a second ladder shaft to find a comic page on a shelf.

Audio Log #8: Massar's Diary 2

When you return to the room where the bridge was blocked, you'll pass this locked door. It takes one Petrusite Capacitor to open this door, then another to reach the upper floor inside. Up there is a series of bunks; the audio log is among them.

Audio Log #9: Helghast Worker Contempt

You'll find this inside Engineering while getting the reactors online. Take out the pair of Helghast, then move left. The audio log is atop a machine in the corner here.

Newspaper #2: Vektan Daily

A bit further back in the same part of the room is this sealed door. Remove the Petrusite Capacitor next to it to open the way, and you'll find a newspaper on the floor inside.

Comic Page #6: Pages 9-10

Exit this small room and head down the nearby stairs. Take out the trio of Helghast, then move ahead to the red air vent. Crawl through to reach a room full of weapons and ammo. Head to the upper platform in here to find the comic page by a control panel.

Audio Log #10: Vektan Letter Home

When you enter the turbines area, drop from this ladder and turn around. The audio log is on the ground behind it.

Dossier #4: Doctor Massar

Continue until you reach the Lab. When you get here, head up the stairs to the second floor. The dossier is atop one of the computer screens here.

Comic Page #7: Pages 13-14

After the scuffle in the Lab, you'll reach this area with blazing hot sun beams. Take a right across a walkway when you can, then follow this walkway to the end to find another comic. It's best to avoid letting in the sunlight if you can.

Audio Log #11: Massar's Diary 3

This is immediately to the left of the elevator out of the sunbeam section.