Killzone: Shadow Fall collectible locations guide

Chapter 8: The Dead

Comic Page #28: Pages 55-56

When you land safely on the destroyed building, drop into the hole to spot this comic.

Audio Log #27: Survivor Diary 1

After riding the first gravity well, move forward to the pile of rubble by the window. The audio log is on a chair here.

Audio Log #28: Survivor Diary 2

After riding the second gravity well, drop through the ruined levels to the ground. Look for these stairs; under them are an ammo crate and an audio log.

Dossier #15: Planet Helghan

Approach the Mobile Scan Unit and dash to the right to enter some shelter. Move past the stairs and take a right around the pile of rubble. Turn into the small room here to find a dossier against a couch.

Audio Log #29: Survivor Diary 3

This one takes some bravery. Sprint past the Scan Unit (of course, you could always destroy it first) and head up the stairs. This will be on the level up the first set.

Audio Log #30: Survivor Diary 4

Proceed until you watch a building collapse before you. From here, turn right and follow this level to a dark room. The audio log is on a table here, by the miniature gravity well.

Audio Log #31: Survivor Diary 5

Head back to the ledge where you watched the building collapsed and look to the ground. See the ammo boxes down there? Use your zipline to safely reach that spot; the audio log is by the ammo.

Dossier #16: Pyrrhus Deep

From this spot, turn right to see a window. Hop through here, then climb up the ledge to your left. Move forward and climb the next ledge, then turn left to spot this on the ground under a broken floor.

Comic Page #29: Pages 57-58

Turn around and move toward the window. Look down and right to spot a gravity well. Zip down there, blow the gravity well, then ride the lift up. Move through this area to find a Spider Mine Generator. Take it out, then enter the room beyond to find a comic and a minigun.

Audio Log #32: Survivor Diary 6

Exit this room the same way you entered, and turn left. Follow this path to reach some ammo crates; the audio log is here too.

Newspaper #7: New Helghan News

From where you are now, run past the Mobile Scan Unit to the opposite side of the area (again, this is easier to do if you take out the Scan Unit first). Head up the short stairs and through the doorway of the broken building with several windows. Make a left to find a newspaper by an ammo crate.

Audio Log #33: Survivor Diary 7

After dropping through blue elevator shaft, you'll emerge into this room with a broken ceiling. Drop down and enter the room in the left corner. There's an audio log by a corpse in here.

Comic Page #30: Pages 59-60

When you spot Tyran, move forward to this crashed air vehicle. Just beyond it is an open storage unit. You'll find this on the floor inside.