How will the MCU's loss of Tom Holland affect the Spider-Man PS4 series? It's unclear, but fans are worried nonetheless

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Unless something drastic changes, Tom Holland's Spider-Man is out of the MCU for good, as Sony and Disney fallout over the character's licensing, who remains exclusively the property of the former as far as cinematic adaptations go.

That means any future Spider-Man movies won't be considered part of Disney's growing super-hero universe, nor will the character appear in any future MCU team-ups such as Avengers: Endgame, but what about the Spider-Man PS4 games?

In a spot of ironic timing, Sony purchased Spider-Man PS4 developer Insomniac just days before the news of its breakaway with Disney, leaving many fans wondering whether any future Spider-Man games will be just as cut-off from the MCU as its big-screen counterparts. 

Spider-Man PS4, while not technically part of the MCU, makes several direct references to the films of recency, not least in the form of the many Spider-Man PS4 Easter eggs and Spider-Man PS4 suits, including as recently as the game's Far From Home suits to tie in to the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. That could all change in this new, Disney-free landscape under Sony. 

The Spider-Man PS4 ending also makes it very clear that a sequel, if not a full trilogy, is on the way from Insomniac, and PlayStation itself has stated that the studio is indeed prioritising that particular super-hero property under its new status as a first-party developer, presumably for the upcoming PS5

A recent statement from Sony itself does suggest there's an opportunity for Disney to kiss and make up with its former partner in (fighting on-screen) crime, but - for now - the fate of everyone's favourite web-head both on the big screen and on console remains up in the air. 

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