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31 Spider-Man PS4 easter eggs and tiny details you might have missed

You can tell just how much the developers at Insomniac love the web-slinging hero just by observing how many Spider-Man PS5 easter eggs and nods to wider Spidey lore they’ve crammed into the game. In Spider-Man PS5, anywhere you turn in the city of Manhattan will likely have something nestled away that references something notable from the hero’s long career. We’ve listed 31 of these pleasing, fan-servicey Spider-Man PS5 easter eggs for your perusal below. 

Warning: There are spoilers for the game in this entire article! You have been warned. 

1. The black and white suit joke references Venom

The lines where Detective Yuri sarcastically asks Spider-Man if he has a black-and-white suit he can wear to take her to the police ball (and Spider-Man's hesitant reaction) is a reference to the Venom suit that we all desperately need. 

2. Roxxon has its own building in NY

Roxxon, one of the biggest conglomerates in the Marvel universe, has its own building in New York.

3. Sandman cameos in Facts with JJJ

JJ Jameson references Sandman in one of his audiotapes. One of Spider-Man’s most famous enemies, Sandman (otherwise known as William Baker) can turn himself into sand and regularly wreaks havoc all over New York. 

4. Fisk’s Obliterator Cane is in a display case

Fisk’s famous Obliterator Cane appears in the Fisk auction. The Obliterator can fire lasers (or sleeping gas) from the large gem at the top of it as well as being really, really good for hitting people with. 

5. Fisk’s cello is named after his wife

Fisk’s cello is named after his wife Vanessa Fisk, who appears in the comics, the animated series and Netflix’s Daredevil. 

6. Stan Lee’s cameo

Stan Lee has his very own cameo as the owner of Mick’s, the restaurant that Peter and Mary Jane frequent in the game. 

7. Empire State University 

As you swing along the streets you can find Empire State University which Peter Parker, Dr Doom, the human torch, Emma Frost, and Eddie Brock (one of the hosts of the Venom symbiote) attended. 

8. Dr Strange's House 

You can go and see Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum from the outside - unfortunately there’s no way to enter the magical haven. 

9. JJ Jr appears in your in social feed

John Jameson, JJ Jameson’s astronaut son, pops up in the in-game social feed tweeting enthusiastically about his dad’s controversial, yet passionate, talk show. 

10. Stark’s Department of Damage Control makes an appearance

Keep an eye out and you can find the HQ of the Department of Damage Control, Marvel’s fictional superhero clean up crew.

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