31 Spider-Man Remastered easter eggs and hidden references

Spider-Man Remastered
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There are loads of Spider-Man Remastered Easter eggs, hidden references, secrets and more besides to find as you swing about the city. Both the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game are utterly full of little secrets and homages to both Spider-Man lore and the wider Marvel universe. We've found 31 of the choicest cuts you're likely to find in Spider-Man Remastered, with hidden secrets and more besides for you to uncover. If you want all the best Spider-Man Remastered Easter Eggs, find out what you need below!

There are spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man throughout this article! You have been warned. 

1. The black and white suit joke references Venom

The lines where Detective Yuri sarcastically asks Spider-Man if he has a black-and-white suit he can wear to take her to the police ball (and Spider-Man's hesitant reaction) is a reference to the Venom suit that we all desperately need. 

2. Roxxon has its own building in NY

Roxxon, one of the biggest conglomerates in the Marvel universe, has its own building in New York.

3. Sandman cameos in Facts with JJJ

JJ Jameson references Sandman in one of his audiotapes. One of Spider-Man’s most famous enemies, Sandman (otherwise known as William Baker) can turn himself into sand and regularly wreaks havoc all over New York. 

4. Fisk’s Obliterator Cane is in a display case

Fisk’s famous Obliterator Cane appears in the Fisk auction. The Obliterator can fire lasers (or sleeping gas) from the large gem at the top of it as well as being really, really good for hitting people with. 

5. Fisk’s cello is named after his wife

Fisk’s cello is named after his wife Vanessa Fisk, who appears in the comics, the animated series and Netflix’s Daredevil. 

6. Stan Lee’s cameo

Stan Lee has his very own cameo as the owner of Mick’s, the restaurant that Peter and Mary Jane frequent in the game. 

7. Empire State University 

As you swing along the streets you can find Empire State University which Peter Parker, Dr Doom, the Human Torch, Emma Frost, and Eddie Brock (one of the hosts of the Venom symbiote) attended.

8. Dr Strange's House 

You can go and see Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum from the outside - unfortunately there’s no way to enter the magical haven. 

9. JJ Jr appears in your in social feed

John Jameson, JJ Jameson’s astronaut son, pops up in the in-game social feed tweeting enthusiastically about his dad’s controversial, yet passionate, talk show. 

10. Stark’s Department of Damage Control makes an appearance

Keep an eye out and you can find the HQ of the Department of Damage Control, Marvel’s fictional superhero clean up crew.

11. Fogwell’s gym 

The gym where Daredevil’s dad trained, Fogwell’s Gym, can be seen down a side street. 

12. You can find the Clinton Mission Shelter

Clinton Mission Shelter appears in the Daredevil comics where his mother, Sister Maggie, works. 

13. Uncle Ben makes a brief appearance 

Uncle Ben doesn’t appear in game but you can see him in one of the photos on Aunt May’s desk. 

14. Daredevil’s business card is in Spidey’s backpack 

Peter has one of the business cards of Daredevil’s law firm Nelson and Murdock. 

15. Screwball appears in the Internet famous side mission

Screwball, the prankster/online attention-seeking nuisance from the comics and animated series has her very own side mission as she tries to get famous.

16. Avengers' Tower 

The Avengers Tower is hard to miss on the New York skyline, plus there’s a trophy for climbing it. 

17. Stopping a train with webs 

Spider-Man references the Spider-Man 2 movie where he previously stopped a train with his webs, although unlike the movie it didn’t really work in this instance. 

18. You can pay your respects to Uncle Ben 

Go to the graveyard at the top of the map and you can pay your respects to Uncle Ben. Aww.

19. Goblin grenades

Prototype Goblin Grenades can be seen on a desk in the Oscorp headquarters. 

20. Spider-42 appears

Spider-42 is the Oz-infected spider (created by Harry Osborn’s company Oscorp) that bit Miles Morales in the comics. 

21. Daredevil's office 

Daredevil’s law offices, Nelson and Murdock, can be found on the streets. 

22. Symkarian Embassy  

Symkaria, the Eastern European homeland of Silver Sable, has its own embassy. 

23. Wakandan Embassy 

...and so does Wakanda. 

24. Alias investigations Hell's Kitchen 

You can find the offices of Jessica Jones’ private detective agency. 

25. Josie’s bar

Daredevil’s favorite bar from both the comics and the Netflix show makes an appearance. 

26. Kissing upside down like in the movie

Spider-Man references the famous MJ/Peter upside-down kiss from the movie when he’s talking to a webbed-up Kingpin, asking him "shall we kiss now?"...good luck trying to get that mental image out of your head.    

27. NPCs mourn at the graveyard

Go to the graveyard in the upper western corner of the map and because of the various things that have been going on in the game, you can find NPCs mourning at the graves, and even hear them comforting their loved ones. 

28. You can see photographs of the devs on the wall at F.E.A.S.T.

On the volunteer wall are photographs of the Spider-Man developers in a great little homage to all the effort that’s gone into bringing the game to life. 

29. If you dive from high enough you do a superhero landing

Press L3 in mid air to dive to the ground, and if you do it from high enough Spider-Man lands in the trademark heroic pose, shattering the ground as he does so. 

30. Peter references Flash Thompson, who starts Spider-Man’s fan club in the comics

When he’s looking at the notice boards in F.E.A.S.T. Peter mentions how his buddy Flash Thompson is helping veterans out, but in the comics Flash bullied Peter mercilessly...yet started the Spider-Man fan club. Ironic. 

31. The Inhumans Dog Lockjaw appears

New York’s famous Charging Bull statue is replaced by a statue of the Inhuman’s alien dog, Lockjaw.

If you want to grab some pictures of these Easter eggs, make sure you know how to take selfies in Spider-Man Remastered. As well as all these hidden details, references, and Easter eggs, there are also lots of other secrets and objectives to look out for in Spider-Man Remastered. For example, be sure to keep an eye out for the 50 Spider-Man Remastered secret photo locations.

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