How to take selfies in Spider-Man PS4

You're playing Spider-Man on PS4 and just beat up a group of bad guys, found an easter egg, unlocked a new costume... or maybe you just want to show off on social media. You've seen plenty of people share their Spider-Man selfies, and now you want to take one too. Need to know where to find this option? Read on and we'll explain.

To take a selfie in Spider-Man PS4 is quite easy: simply press the Options button on your DualShock 4 controller and select the "Photo Mode" option. This will take you to a special menu where you can tweak and modify all kinds of settings so you get the perfect shot.

The first option you'll see is "Camera Type". There are three camera types in Spider-Man's photo mode: Free, Orbit, and Selfie. Obviously if you're looking to take a selfie-style pic with Spidey holding out his arm and making signs with his free hand, you want the Selfie option, but if this is your first time toying around here, check out the Free and Orbit options as well - there's lots of cool stuff you can do!

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One thing to keep in mind is that your selfie angle will be dependent on which way Spider-Man is facing when you go into Photo Mode, not which way your camera is pointed. In other words, if you as a player are looking forward, ahead of Spider-Man when you select Photo Mode, the Selfie option will show what's behind him, offscreen. You can tweak positioning a little bit with the left thumbstick, but you won't be able to rotate a full 360 degrees, so if there's one tip to keep in mind, this is it: to get the best selfie, make sure whatever you want in the background is physically behind Spidey himself.

Press L1 and R1 and you can cycle through more options to tweak your selfie until it's just right, including light strength, focus distance, aperture, and even the emote you want on Spider-Man's face. Note that not all costumes allow for expressive eyes - sorry Scarlet Spider fans.

Once you've got everything exactly how you want it, press the Triangle button to hide the UI, and then tap the Share button. This will let you post your selfie to social media, or save it to a local drive. Personally, I shared my pics on Twitter, and made my very favorite my new desktop background. Enjoy!

If you're going to be out taking selfies, you're going to want to look your best - make sure you've got the outfit you want by checking out our Spider-Man PS4 suits guide. And since you'll be making good use of the camera anyway, why not scope out all the Spider-Man PS4 secret photo locations? 

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