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Find all the Spider-Man PS4 secret photo locations and unlock the ESU suit

As well as the whole spider thing, Peter Parker’s also known for his photography with Spider-Man PS4 giving you 50 landmark collectibles to photograph around New York. They're easy though, as they're marked on the map. However, once you reach the lofty heights of Level 50 you’ll unlock the Proximity Sensor suit mod. This reveals 50 more secret photos you can take that only appear on the mini-map when you get close to them. Get them all and you'll unlock the ESU suit (not to mention you need all the suits to get the platinum). They can take a little time to track down so to save you the bother we’ve found them all for you. 

If you want a particular district you can skip to their page in the article using the links below, or jump to them in the video using the time codes.

Harlem secret photos 

Let’s start in Harlem where you’ll find 11 of the 50 secret photos. That’s the most of any district so it’s a good one to clear first. 

Harlem secret photo 1

In the bottom most right corner of Harlem you can get a secret photo op of this building’s front. 

Harlem secret photo 2

In the far west of Harlem you’ll find a wall of graffiti by the bridge, which is another secret photo opp.  

Harlem secret photo 3

Head to the graveyard in the northwest of Harlem and look for this pointy tomb on a patch nearest the road. 

Harlem secret photo 4

Right at the back of the cemetery in Harlem you’ll find Uncle Ben’s grave which is a secret photo op.

Harlem secret photo 5

Find the church in the Harlem’s northwest cemetery and you can snap it for another secret photo.

Harlem secret photo 6

Just over the road from the Cemetery church in Harlem’s north west there’s some rooftop graffiti you can snap. 

Harlem secret photo 7

In the southwestern corner of Harlem you’ll find the Harlem Sanitarium behind a barbwire fence, opposite the Solid Gold record shop. 

Harlem secret photo 8

 You’ll find one a secret photo in an alleyway on the northernmost edge of the district, in the middle. Just look for the Pale Riderz Motorcycle shop. 

Harlem secret photo 9

This statue on a roundabout is an easy to find secret photo on the southernmost edge of Harlem near the top left corner of central park. 

Harlem secret photo 10

Just slightly left and down of the middle of Harlem you’ll find Mayor Osbourne’s Campaign office, which is also a secret photo. 

Harlem secret photo 11

In the eastern side of Harlem you’ll find a base escaped prisoners have build on a set of apartments. In between them is a garden area at ground level where you’ll find this greenhouse.  

Upper West Side secret photos

It’s a fairly easy trip to clear Upper West Side as you’ll only find 5 secret photos. Working from top to bottom they appear as follows. 

Upper West Side secret photo 1

Right in the middle of the top half of the Upper West Side you’ll find an Oscorp lab which is obviously a perfect place for a secret photo.

Upper West Side secret photo 2

Towards the bottom of the top left corner of Upper West Side’s park area you’ll find a pointy topped pavilion you can take a picture of. 

Upper West Side secret photo 3

In the park near the middle of the Upper West Side you’ll find a statue of two eagles near the road that’s also a secret photo op. 

Upper West Side secret photo 4

In the middle of the bottom right corner of the Upper West Side you’ll find some fire engines to snap for a hidden picture. 

Upper West Side secret photo 5

Head to the bottom left corner of the Upper West Side and look for the big monument to get another secret photo. 

If you're looking for help getting ALL the Spider-Man PS4 suits then check out our guide for some help. 

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