The Gen V episode 6 ending has just has thrown The Boys universe into turmoil

Gen V
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Gen V may be a spin-off to The Boys, but with events taking place simultaneously, it was only a matter of time before one impacted the other. Now, the big reveal at the end of episode 6 seems to have done just that, as things get really complicated for the Supes going forward.

Before we go any further, we’ll be getting into big spoiler territory from here on out. So make sure you’ve seen the latest episode before reading on. 

Ever since the first episode of Gen V, we’ve been wondering what exactly The Woods is really up to. The lab under Godolkin University has been experimenting on Supes under the guidance of Vought, and now we know exactly why.

In ‘Jumanji’, we see one of their test subjects getting very sick as Dr. Cardosa tells Dean Shetty that the virus is working. It seems that he’s managed to develop an illness that sticks to the V inside Supes, making them very ill while not impacting anyone without powers. Shetty then pushes him to up the dose and see what happens, which ends up killing the student. 

Rather than being annoyed by this turn of events, the Dean is actually pretty thrilled, indicating that she’s got some ulterior motives here. This only gets more convincing when you add the fact that she warns Cardosa to not report the details back to Vought yet and how she ends the episode by asking, "Now can we make it contagious?" Yikes.

Gen V

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While we don’t know the ins and outs of her plan just yet, it seems like it could be a gamechanger for The Boys cinematic universe. If they have the power to create an epidemic among the Supe population, it could effectively wipe them out completely. This is something that has previously been impossible.

The Boys have managed to sporadically kill the odd Supe themselves, but the effort required has been huge. This could make that process a whole lot easier. But then, on the other hand, it also raises a lot of moral questions too as, of course, not all Supes are the enemy. Then there’s also the question of how this new virus could interact with Temp V too, Billy and Hughie took last season.

The bottom line is this makes things really, really complicated going forwards, and we cannot wait to see how it all plans out. There are some other intriguing theories surrounding the show too, including why that alpaca might be important, if The Woods may be the answer to Black Noir's backstory, and why a weapon introduced in episode 4 could be gamechanger.

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