Deadpool and Wolverine director says to expect "a lot" of cameos as another X-Men character seemingly revealed

Deadpool 3
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Ahead of the release of Deadpool and Wolverine, another X-Men cameo has seemingly been leaked in a new photo. In the image shared by Entertainment Weekly, Emma Corrin’s villain is joined by some familiar characters, including one who appears to be Lady Deathstrike.

The adamantium-nailed mutant was first introduced on-screen in X2, where she was played by Kelly Hu. It’s not yet clear from the picture if this is her, but based on those claws and that outfit, it certainly seems like she – or at least a variant of the antagonist – will be appearing in Deadpool 3. 

She’ll be joining the already confirmed cameos of Sabretooth and Pyro in the upcoming MCU debut of Deadpool. Despite shaping up to feature a lot of familiar faces, director Shawn Levy has promised that the many cameos won’t impact the movie’s story.

"We didn't want any of the cameos or characters to be the story of the movie," Levy adds to Entertainment Weekly. "But they are peppered in throughout. There's a lot of characters. The internet is a delight of rumors about the multitude of character cameos that are in this movie. Some rumors are true, some are way off base."

Indeed, there have been a lot of theories about who could appear, including everyone from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Garner as Elektra. It remains to be seen who’ll make the final cut at the moment, but we’re expecting some big Loki crossovers too.

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