Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine gets ready to sink his claws into an X-Men villain in new Deadpool and Wolverine teaser

Deadpool & Wolverine | Nice | In Theaters July 26 - YouTube Deadpool & Wolverine | Nice | In Theaters July 26 - YouTube
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A new Deadpool and Wolverine teaser has set up a decades-in-the-making fight for Hugh Jackman’s claw-wielding mutant.

The minute-long trailer, which you can see above, features much of the same footage that we’ve seen before in its first half, including Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool reminiscing over his found family and Wolverine being blamed for the death of his world.

Then, Sabretooth emerges. Backed by The Alan Parsons’ Project ‘Sirius’ – a song best known as the walkout music for the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls – Wolverine’s brother gets ready for a duel that Deadpool describes as something a fight that fans have waited "decades" for. 

Inevitably, Deadpool starts to crack wise and gently nudge at the fourth wall in his pep talk to Wolvie. He says, "It's not gonna be easy. You shoot the double, take him down... full mount and you ground and pound until he makes no sound until he's dead." After Wolverine snaps back for the Merc with a Mouth to "shut the fuck up" he sheepishly replies "good luck, I'm a huge fan."

Previous leaked set images suggest Wolverine would be facing off against Sabretooth, his half-brother lest we forget, in one sequence. It's not yet clear who he is being played by, though it looks more like X-Men's Tyler Mane rather than the later version of the character, played by Liev Schreiber. 

Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in cinemas in the UK on July 25 and in the US on July 26. For more MCU, here's our guide to all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows on the way and a breakdown of the Marvel timeline.

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