Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage storms onto the cover of Total Film magazine's latest issue – on sale now!

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Movie stars don’t come much bigger than Dwayne Johnson, but even he’s dwarfed by his three monstrous co-stars in Rampage, the arcade actioner that’s on the cover of the latest issue of of Total Film magazine. Inside, Johnson tells TF about how his childhood love of the game encouraged him to try to break the video game adaptation curse.

On shelves March 9, the new issue also has the lowdown on Steven Spielberg’s geekily nostalgic game-changer Ready Player One, as well as a summer preview scoping out the season’s cinematic big-hitters, an in-depth career chat with Michael Caine and on-set report from the British horror film Ghost Stories, destined to become a spooky favourite.

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(Image: © Total Film/Warner Bros)

In our cover feature, Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and director Brad Peyton talk about going *big* for Rampage, the supersized videogame monster mash-up that put The Rock up against three city-destroying monsters.

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(Image: © Warner Bros/Total Film)

TF talks Easter eggs with Steven Spielberg and the cast of Ready Player One, a VR adventure loaded with pop-culture references to the likes of Akira, Back to the Future and The Iron Giant. “I think I’m still a teenager inside,” says Spielberg. “I just try to appeal to what interests me.”

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(Image: © Total Film/Disney)

In our summer preview, we look ahead at the blockbusters set to heat up the box office, including Solo: A Star Wars Story, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and a whole lot more.

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(Image: © Total Film)

Ahead of a new documentary on the swinging ’60s, the legendary Michael Caine sits down with TF to reflect on his storied career. “Where did all that time go?” he laughs. “I suppose it’s because I was having fun…”

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(Image: © Netflix/Total Film)

In the news section, we take a closer look at Alex Garland’s daring sci-fi, Annihilation, which is skipping a cinema release in the UK and heading straight for Netflix, and ask what it means for the industry. Plus, the latest on Avengers: Infinity War and much more.

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This issue of Total Film magazine comes with a special ’The Art of Film: Star Wars’ magazine, featuring gorgeous artwork to pore over from some of the industry’s leading names.

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And if you’re a subscriber, you’ll already have the magazine waiting for you on your doormat, with this exclusive subscriber cover:

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