The Division 2 Contaminated Zones: What are they and what do you get from them?

There's five Division 2 Contaminated Zones across Washington D.C., and each one offers the player a short break from all the combat. You get introduced to the first during The Division 2 main story, but when you revisit and explore all five, there's much more waiting for you. There's no enemies inside; instead, there's three voice comms that gradually tell a story as you explore and learn about the environment you're in. Here's everything you need to know about the Division 2 Contaminated Zones.

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What are Division 2 Contaminated Zones?

The Division 2 Contaminated Zone

The Division 2 Contaminated Zones are areas of the map which don't feature any enemies. You might run into some trouble getting inside, but when you're in, you're free to explore these highly infected structures. There's three voice comms collectibles per Contaminated Zone, and when you've found all three, that counts as having completed that zone. You'll also find loot here and there, and a couple of them have puzzles inside, though they're not particularly tricky to solve.

The Contaminated Zones themselves are under quarantine because they've been infected with the DC62 virus. If you're not caught up with The Division lore, DC62 is essentially the cure that was deployed to eradicate the Green Poison virus. Unfortunately, it wasn't tested enough and when combined with Green Poison, it became equally as lethal.

Each Contaminated Zone's three voice comms tell a short story about the place, as you wander around and head for the exit. They're a nice break from the non-stop action you find on the streets of D.C. To find them, simply open your map and look for the red hazard symbol. When you complete one, it will turn white.

What do you get for completing all the Division 2 Contaminated Zones?

The Division 2 Contaminated Zones backpack trophy

When you visit and reach the end of every Contaminated Zone - and collect all 15 voice comms in total - you'll have completed all five Contaminated Zones available in the game. As a reward, you'll earn the Contaminated Area backpack trophy. "For exploring the contaminated areas and uncovering the untold stories," reads the description. It's not a great reward - I'd have preferred an Exotic weapon, to be honest - but it's a reward all the same and puts you one step closer to completing the game 100%.

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