Division 2 Buddy & Lucy guide: How to beat Buddy & Lucy in the Division 2 raid

Division 2 Buddy and Lucy guide
Image credit: MarcoStyle/Twitch (Image credit: MarcoStyle/Twitch)

In The Division 2, Buddy and Lucy are the third boss you'll come up against, shortly after defeating Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel. Buddy and Lucy are both warhounds; Buddy is the healer, while Lucy deals insane DPS. They're arguably the toughest boss in the Division 2 raid, because there's more to it than simply dealing as much damage as possible. If you've made it all the way to Buddy and Lucy in The Division 2's first ever raid, read on for our complete guide on how to beat Buddy and Lucy in The Division 2. If you can't get past the first boss, take a look at our Division 2 Boomer guide.

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How to beat Buddy and Lucy in the Division 2 raid

Division 2 raid guide

Image credit: MarcoStyle/Twitch (Image credit: MarcoStyle/Twitch)

You'll meet Buddy and Lucy inside the airport, when they emerge from two shops. These two warhounds work together; while Lucy will deploy her minigun that spins in a full circle and can one-hit-kill anyone caught in the fire, Buddy will heal both himself and Lucy.

This wouldn't be too much of a problem by itself because you'd simply have to outlast them, but there's an extra mechanic here that makes the fight so much more difficult. Intersecting both of their health bars are two lines that will slowly move down the bars, gradually shrinking in size. This is the "overcharge window".

If either Buddy's or Lucy's health leaves the overcharge window, overcharge will be activated. ISAC will give you a short warning and you can prevent it by having two players rush to the terminals in the middle of the arena, but if you fail, both warhounds will be healed to full and you'll need to start the fight from the beginning. 

Therefore, during the fight, it's recommended that you focus on both warhounds simultaneously. Since Buddy is the healer and more often than not heals himself, our favoured strategy is to have five players shooting at Buddy while the other three focus on Lucy. Make sure you don't let the health bars leave the overcharge window and you should be golden. If you're struggling, try splitting them team six/two.

Aside from this, staying in cover is absolutely vital for this boss battle. Lucy's 360 degree minigun attack is lethal and can very quickly ruin your attempt, so as soon as she ducks down and prepares it, find cover imminently. Good luck!

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Congratulations to MarcoStyle and the POG clan on being the first to beat Operation Dark Hours, and thanks to Streamer House (who were second) for their outline on how to complete the raid.

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