Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide


Now that you have the Lure Stone, you’re free to backtrack and collect 8 Stones of Mystics and 1 Stone of Power you may have seen but were unable to reach (don’t forget: Fast Travel can quicken this process). Below is a rundown of their locations. Refer to their respective maps for further detail. If you wish to instead proceed with the walkthrough right now, skip ahead to Boatman Coin #18.

Stone of Mystics #2

(Shadow Gorge) Return to the entrance to The Shattered Forge in the northern recess of Shadow Gorge. High on the northeastern cliff face you’ll spot this stone.

Stone of Mystics #3

(Stonefather’s Gale) Check the northeastern tip of the map. There’s a stone in the cliff face near where you found the first page of the Book of the Dead.

Stone of Mystics #4

(Tri-Stone) There’s a stone high atop the backside of the Maker’s Forge.

Stone of Mystics #5

(Baneswood) Check the alcove in the northwestern part of Baneswood. Climb up the wall to the treasure chest, then turn around to find a stone on the wall across from you.

Stone of Mystics #6

(Baneswood) Find this stone in the central northern edge of the Baneswood.

Stone of Mystics #7

(Baneswood) This stone is in the upper corner of the ruined structure found at the halfway point between Baneswood and The Charred Pass.

Stone of Mystics #8

(The Charred Pass) In the uppermost part of the ruined structure you find to your left as soon as you enter The Charred Pass from the north.

Stone of Power #1

(The Charred Pass) Dive into the well found in the flooded section of The Charred Pass and surface near the treasure chest icon. Make your way to the chest, then turn around to find this stone on the high wall.

Stone of Mystics #9

(The Charred Pass) You’ll notice this stone on large rock formation hanging over the path leading to The Scar.

Stone of Mystics #10

(The Charred Pass) At the point where the path leading to The Cauldron bends, you can enter a ruined structure. Check the small western room here for a stone.


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