Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

Stonefather’s Vale

Boatman Coin #1

(Stonefather’s Vale) After speaking with the makers and leaving their vicinity via the northern gate, you’ll soon come upon a pool. The coin is clearly visible underneath the water’s surface.

Boatman Coin #2

(Stonefather’s Vale) As soon as you enter this vast expanse from Tri-Stone, hop on Despair and head east to the closed gate. The coin is to the left of this gate.

Book of the Dead Page #1

(Stonefather’s Vale) You’ll find this in the northernmost recess of Stonefather’s Vale. You may also spot a stone high on the cliff to your right, but worry not, for you cannot yet reach it.


Boatman Coin #3

(Baneswood) Enter Baneswood from the west and check the southwest corner of the map. You’ll have to leap off the high ramp to grab this mid-air coin.

Boatman Coin #4

(Baneswood) This coin may be out of reach seem out of reach at this point in the game, but if you run up the wall directly below it and jump away, Death will automatically collect it.

Book of the Dead Page #2

(Baneswood) Check the ground directly behind the giant statue in the eastern part of the area.

Boatman Coin #5

(The Nook, 1st fl) Enter The Nook via the door at the north of Baneswood. Ascend the stairs inside and immediately turn around to your left. Destroy the barrels to reveal a coin.

Boatman Coin #6

(Baneswood) As you pass through the eastern trail leading out of Baneswood, look high to your right. You’ll notice a floating coin; jump from the ledge to claim it.

Boatman Coin #7

(The Charred Pass) As soon as you’re told (by on-screen text) that you’ve entered The Charred Pass, look inside the massive hollow log to your left. There’s a coin inside.

Boatman Coin #8

(The Charred Pass) Look for a flooded area in the central northern section. There’s a well at the center; dive all the way down to the bottom then look up to find a coin. (This screenshot was taken underwater.)

The Cauldron

Boatman Coin #9

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) In the room where you must leap across the river of lava, look for a coin at the edge of a descending ramp on the near side.

Boatman Coin #10

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) Soon after you find the dungeon map, you’ll be in a circular arena fighting your first Stalker. Destroy the barrel at the north end of the room to reveal a coin.

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