Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

The Ivory Citadel, Part 2

Stone of Power #18

(The Ivory Citadel, 3rd fl) This stone is on the chest of the massive statue. You can shoot it from the third floor.

Boatman Coin #91

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) As you proceed beyond the Stone of Power #18, you’ll eventually need to drop down into some water. The coin is just beneath the surface.

Boatman Coin #92

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) After blasting out of a charged portal, you’ll run along a wall and end up on a ledge. The coin is behind some corruption to your left.

Book of the Dead Page #34

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) Just after fighting the Sychophants, you’ll come upon another Holy Fire Node. Run right past it and grab the page from the ledge.

Stone of Power #19

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) Look for a stone on a high ledge to the southeast of the second lever in the rotating wall puzzle.

Soul Arbiter’s Scroll #17

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) From the second lever, look for a spot to the south where you can drop to a lower ledge. You’ll find a scroll here.

Relic of Khagoth #3

(The Ivory Citadel, 2nd fl) After solving the rotating wall/Holy Fire Node puzzle, check behind some corruption in the circular room containing the third node.

Boatman Coin #93

(The Ivory Citadel, B1) You’ll eventually enter a lower cavern with water. Dive into the water and look for a coin.

Relic of Etu-Goth #14

(The Ivory Citadel, 1st fl) Upon entering the central room of the first floor, the corruption will be clear. Head through the north door. In the next room, check behind the statue to your left for a relic.

Stone of Resistance #8

(The Ivory Citadel, 3rd fl) In the same room as the Relic of Etu-Goth #14, configure the portals so that you pop out near the treasure chest. Once you do, look up at the ceiling to find a stone.


As you’d imagine, the Voidwalker will allow you to nab some pesky collectibles that were previously out of reach. Here’s what you should go after now:

Stone of Resistance #9

(The Fjord) Visit Vulgrim in The Fjord. Now that you have the Voidwalker, you have access to the yellow bomb plant. On the wall above the bomb, you’ll find a stone.

Book of the Dead Page #35

(The Fjord) In the same area as the above stone, grab the bomb and chuck it through the hole in the wall. Your target is the yellow corruption crystal on the other side. Once you’ve destroyed those, hop back through the portal and climb the handholds to find the revealed page.

Boatman Coin #94

(The Weeping Crag, 2nd fl) With the Voidwalker, you now have access to the northernmost room of floor 3. As soon as you enter, leap left off the bridge into the water swim towards the northwest corner. There’s a coin floating in midair that you can grab by jumping out of the water and running up the wall.

GnoMAD Gnome #3

(The Weeping Crag, 2nd fl) From the northernmost treasure chest, turn east and dive under the water you see. Swim south and surface to find a Gnome.


And that's as far as we can take you for now. Check in later as we add more collectibles and maps.

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