Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

Boatman Coin #11

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) After finding the skeleton key, use it on the locked door. In this new room, push the orb into place and climb the south wall. Instead of jumping to the growth on the left, leap away from the wall to grab the coin that’s floating in midair.

Book of the Dead Page #3

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) In the large, outdoor room with the orb puzzle, look around the south end for a purple orb behind some bars. To the right of those bars is a hole in the wall. You’ll find a page just through that hole.

Boatman Coin #12

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) After unlocking the second skeleton lock, enter the room and immediately turn left. Break the crate to reveal a coin.

Book of the Dead Page #4

(The Cauldron, 2nd fl) After you defeat Gharn, go through the hallway to the north to emerge onto a large balcony. On the north end of the balcony, beyond the lever, you’ll see a crate. Break it to reveal a page.

Boatman Coin #13

(The Cauldron, 1st fl) After turning the lever and accomplishing your main objective, take the spiraling staircase to the north. You’ll have to jump to grab the coin, which is hanging in midair at the center.

Boatman Coin #14

(Shadow Gorge) As you make your way through Shadow Gorge, turn right when you can and go north towards the Shattered Forge. Dive into the moat and check underneath the broken bridge for a coin.

Boatman Coin #15

(Shadow Gorge) Back in the gorge, look up to find a coin on a high ledge. Shoot the nearby Shadowbomb with Redemption, which will clear a path for Death to climb up.

Boatman Coin #16

(Shadow Gorge) After making your way through the small passage near coin #15 (in which you fight stingers and prowlers), go through the door that opens after the fight and look to your immediate right. Grab the coin before dropping down to ground level.

The Fjord

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Boatman Coin #17

(The Fjord) As you enter The Fjord, you’ll notice a coin floating in midair to your right. Go over the cliff near Blackroot (the NPC), mount Despair, and leap off the cliff to reach the coin.

Stone of Mystics #1

(The Fjord) Speak to Blackroot in the west of the Fjord to attain the Lure Stone. This allows you to collect glowing stones by shooting them with Redemption. There is one such stone on a cliff face just south of Blackroot’s position.

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