Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

The Fjord

Boatman Coin #18

(The Fjord) If you jump into the lake where there’s a gap in the bridge and swim to the bottom, you’ll find a coin.

Boatman Coin #19

(The Fjord) Stick to the northern path and follow it as it winds up to a door. Enter this place and hang a right as soon as you can. Around the corner, you’ll find a coin. There’s not much else you can do in this dungeon at this time.

Stone of Power #2

(The Fjord) Before you exit the dungeon, look up above the entranceway to find a stone.

Boatman Coin #20

(The Fjord) Head south towards. Just before you enter the narrow canyon leading to The Drenchfort, turn left and walk to the dark cliffs. From here you can jump and grab a coin that’s floating in midair.

Stone of Mystics #11

(The Fjord) You’ll notice this on a high wall to your right as you pass through the narrow, winding cave that leads to The Drenchfort.

The Drenchfort

Stone of Mystics #12

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) As soon as you enter the first large room (a short cutscene will play), run to the right until you can see around the massive statue at the other side of the room. Off in the distance you’ll spot this stone.

Book of the Dead Page #5

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) Now run to the left side of the statue, remaining on the upper level. You’ll notice a small gap in the railing. Carefully step off the edge here and you’ll land on a ledge that contains a page.

Boatman Coin #21

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) From the ledge where you found page #5, leap onto the nearby platform which holds the massive statue. Run past the feet to the other side and you’ll see a coin. You can reach it if you leap from here (or any other appropriately high spot in this room).

Boatman Coin #22

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) This coin is above an archway in one of the easternmost rooms. The coin is just west of the chest holding the dungeon map.

Boatman Coin #23

(The Drenchfort, B1) Once you’ve restored the flow of water, follow the stream all the way back to the dungeon’s first large room. Swim down to the bottom of the room and look for a small tunnel leading south. At this tunnel’s exit, you’ll find a coin.

Boatman Coin #24

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) From coin #23, start your long climb up the wall. In the next room, a short cutscene will play and several prowlers and a ravager will attack. There’s a coin in the southwest corner of the room; you’ll likely pick it up accidentally during the fray.

Book of the Dead Page #6

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) Once you’re restored the flow of water to the western half of the dungeon, you can easily swim across to this section of the map. Check behind the stone block to find your page.

Boatman Coin #25

(The Drenchfort, 1st fl) From where you found page #6, look for a small opening to swim through. You’ll emerge in a room where there’s a coin floating in midair. Climb to the top of the room and leap to grab it.

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