Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

When Death isn’t chuckling at the audacious concept of his own defeat, he’s off using his scythes to slice mortal beings into two or more pieces in Darksiders II. But to absolve his brother, War, he’ll have to do what he does worst - restore life to all of humanity. Given how far out of his comfort zone this task lies, some procrastination - like putting an entire universe-altering quest on hold to track down hundreds of collectibles- is understandable. Well, we’ve already found everything there is to find and created this massive guide to help anyone wanting to do the same. So get to it, Death. War is waiting, and he’s almost done with the second season of Game of Thrones.

How to use our guide

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Darksiders II is humungous. If you’re starting from scratch, we suggest using our numbered walkthrough in conjunction with our maps (preferably open in a separate tab/window) to find everything in the most efficient order possible as you play through the game. If you’ve come here to find something specific or don’t know how to reach a particular collectible you see on a map, mosey on over to our appendix page where you’ll find a full list of the game’s collectibles with page numbers next to each, showing exactly where in this massive walkthrough you’d need to navigate.

If you adhere to our numbering, then this guide also serves as a makeshift walkthrough of the entire game and its dungeons, only without battles strategies, puzzle solutions, and other non collectible-related specifics. This also means that if you’re following a map and notice a collectible is out of sequence with the ones around it, you cannot yet reach it and must grab it during the backtracking sections of our walkthrough.

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