Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

Boatman Coin #99

(The Black Stone, 1st fl, past) From the above area, go through the time portal on the west wall. Once in the past, take the southernmost path until you find a coin.

Relic of Etu-Goth #15

(The Black Stone, 1st fl, past) Check the southeast corner of this northern room, preferably after you defeat the enemy ambush.

Soul Arbiters Scroll #19

(The Black Stone, 1st fl, present) After grabbing the skeleton key from the present, stay in the area and look for two portals to the north. Open them up, and use the Deathgrip hook to jump through. If you destroyed the corruption crystals in the past, you can see some writing on the floor on the north side of the room.

Book of the Dead Page #39

(The Black Stone, 1st fl, present) In the same room as the scroll mentioned above, check behind a statue in the southeast corner of the room for a page.

GnoMAD Gnome #4

(The Black Stone, 1st fl, present) After passing through the skeleton door and returning to the present, look for some handholds that will allow you to climb up to this room with the red ‘locked door’ dead end. You’ll find a gnome here.

Book of the Dead Page #40

(The Black Stone, B1, present) Before heading through the north door, look for a portal to the west. Activate it, then head east. You’ll see a page just out of reach. There’s another portal to the right of the page. Activating that one and stepping through the previous one will grant you access to the final Book of the Dead page.


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This is the final run for collectibles before the game’s end. You now have all of the Book of the Dead pages (sell them to Vulgrim for his keys) and all of the available Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls. This grants you access to the fourth Death Tomb and the Soul Arbiter’s Maze, respectively. Let’s go wrap this up!

Relic of Khagoth #5

(Fourth Death Tomb) The final Death Tomb is in Shadow’s Edge. The final Relic of Khagoth is just inside.

Stone of Power #23

(Fourth Death Tomb) Check above the tomb’s exit.

Stone of Power #24

(Fourth Death Tomb) On the ceiling of the tomb.

Boatman Coin #100

(Soul Arbiter’s Maze entrance room) The Soul Arbiter’s Maze is in the land of the dead. As soon as you enter, take a right turn and smash the crates to reveal the game’s final coin.

Stone of Power #25

(Soul Arbiter’s Maze entrance room) This stone is high up on the wall to your left as you enter the maze.

Soul Arbiter’s Scroll #20

(Soul Arbiter’s Maze) This scroll is just north of the Mysterious Book.

Stone of Mystics #34

(Soul Arbiter’s Maze) As long as you have all of the scrolls, navigating the maze is a breeze (investigate them in your inventory). Once you reach the portal that leads to the eight floor, check behind it for the game’s final Stone of Mystics.

THE END! Congratulations! Every collectible in Darksiders II has been accounted for!

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