Currys PS5 deals bundle popular accessories for rare savings

PS5 deals on accessories
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We don't see PS5 deals on official accessories every day, but Currys is offering some rare savings in the form of bundles this week. You'll find the PS5 DualSense, Pulse 3D headset, and PS5 HD Camera all taking part in these discounts, with up to £20 off package prices and free next day delivery with code FNDDGAMING. If you can't quite wait until Black Friday PS5 deals at the end of the month then, we'd recommend checking out these early offers. 

The most popular PS5 deal will likely be this £139 price on the Pulse 3D headset and DualSense controller. That's the most expensive package price of them all, but you're still saving £10 on the separate MSRPs here. Considering these are two of the most stubborn prices in Sony's official portfolio, anyone looking to kit out their console should take note.

However, if you're looking to spend a little less, you'll still find PS5 deals available for under £100. Currys is shaving £20 off the bundle price of the DualSense controller and a copy of FIFA 22 (now £99 for both), or you can opt for a PS5 HD camera instead for the same cost.

You'll find all of these PS5 deals just below, but if you're after separate prices on the best PS5 accessories we're rounding up more offers further down the page.

Today's best PS5 deals


PS5 DualSense controller | FIFA 22 | £119.98 £99 at Currys
Save £20 - If you're yet to jump on the FIFA 22 train, this £99 price tag on the latest release and a shiny new DualSense controller should be enough to convince you. You're saving £20 and grabbing both items for £99 where you'd usually be spending well over £100.


PS5 DualSense controller | PS5 HD Camera | £109.98 £99 at Currys
Save £10 - The DualSense controller usually retails for £59.99, and the PS5 HD Camera will set you back £49.99. That means you're saving £10 by grabbing them both together in Currys' latest PS5 deals - a rare saving on two items that don't see too many discounts.


PlayStation Pulse 3D headset | PS5 HD Camera | £139.98 £129 at Currys
Save £10 - Picking up the PS5 3D headset and HD Camera separately would usually set you back £139.98. However, those who need both in their life should head to Currys for a rare £10 discount this week.


PlayStation Pulse 3D headset | PS5 DualSense controller | £149 £139 at Currys
Save £10 - These are two of the most popular official Sony accessories on the market, which means we see very few discounts on them individually. That makes this £10 saving all the more impressive, especially if you're kitting out a brand new console.

More of today's best PS5 accessory deals

If you're just looking for one of the items featured in the PS5 deals above, it's worth noting that we are seeing some smaller price drops on individual accessories right now. You'll find all the latest discounts from around the web just below.

We'll be keeping a close eye on all of this year's Black Friday PS5 headset deals for you, as well as Black Friday PS5 monitor deals and Black Friday PS5 SSD deals as well. That means you're sorted for kitting out your new console in the upcoming holiday sales. 

However, if you're after more inspiration, you can also check out the latest PS5 bundle predictions (for when PS5 stock eventually settles down) and find the best PS5 headsets and best PS5 SSDs on the market.

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