Breakdown: First-person fisticuffs Xbox-bound

If there's one thing that is a given about beat-'em-ups, it's that they're viewed from a third-person perspective. From the earliest days of International Karate all the way through to Soul Calibur II, the one thing they share is a common viewpoint. Until now.

Breakdown, from arcade-meisters Namco, is a fighting game with the gimmick that, yes, it's in first-person. First seen at Microsoft's X03 event back in September, the game initially garnered interest thanks to its unique approach although we're still not entirely convinced how playable the end result will be.

The premise behind the fistular action is that your character, Derrick Cole, wakes up with a torso covered in pulsing white veins and a serious case of amnesia. In your bid to discover quite what's going on, you'll be helped out by a female character called Alex, who provides information on your background and fights alongside you during combat. For a taster of what to expect, have a gander at the latest screens on the right.

Namco have yet to announce a UK release date for Breakdown