Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 4


Secure-Com 1

As you enter the second rail car turn right and look on the ground. There you will find your first intel for this level.

Secure-Com 2

As you make your way through the cars you will find this intel laying slightly behind a wall to your left. It is in a junction area between two of the rail cars.

Secure-Com 3

At the point where you must go downstairs to escape a enemy cordon don't. Instead run straight ahead to the end of the area and look on the ground for the next intel.

Secure-Com 4

Eventually you will get to a long battle sequence that you must walk through train cars to reach the other side of the area. Once you are on the far side, jump into the small walled off area to find this intel.

Secure-Com 5

As you fight your way out of the station your allies will go down the stairs and to the left. You will want to go downstairs and run all the way to the right. Here you will find the next intel.

Secure-Com 6

Eventually you will get in a fight inside a large room with snipers and various other robots. On the far end of this room off to the right is the intel.

Secure-Com 7

As you make your way through the complex fighting the giant gorilla robot you will see a green forklift off to the right. Behind it lies your next intel.

Secure-Com 8

After the scene with Faye exit to the right and head towards the two men talking. Behind them on the desk lies the next intel.

Secure-Com 9

At the end of the level take a left and go all the way to the wall. There on the ground you will see the final intel for this level.