Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 5


Secure-Com 1

After the level begins, do a 180° turn and walk towards the small table. Sitting upon it will be your first intel for this level.

Secure-Com 2

After climbing up the tentacle you will get tossed off to a higher floor. Walk all the way around to the other side of this floor to find the intel laying by some trees.

Secure-Com 3

As you are walking through the halls of the building looking for the R&D floor you will pass by a desk. Walk behind it to see the intel sitting there.

Secure-Com 4

As you make your way through the computer rooms you will find this intel in a corner behind some large server towers.

Secure-Com 5

When you enter this large empty room you will walk forward and climb the stairs. Go to the right and circle behind the large table to find the intel sitting there.

Secure-Com 6

After exiting the battle in the trash area you will begin walking through tunnels. After fighting off an attack you will either go left towards a red light or right. Go right and follow the short path to find your intel.

Secure-Com 7

As you make your way through the trash tunnels you will come across a section with large piles of robot bodies. Behind one of the piles lays your next intel.

Secure-Com 8

During the sequence to head to the roof you will have to get on an elevator. Instead go the opposite way of it and at the end of the hall on the right you will find the intel.

Secure-Com 9

At the end of the level well your escaping the explosions you will find the last intel for this level. After blowing some debris away using Dan's special attack you will climb a ladder. Once up there you will see a short scene, then jump down. Go right a little ways and then turn right at the corner to find the last intel.


Shopping Terminal 1

Once you encounter the security robot boss take the stairs up on the left. The shopping terminal is waiting patiently for you at the top of the stairs and down the hall to the right.

Shopping Terminal 2

As you are walking through the halls to get to the R&D floor you will pass this terminal. Tough one to miss!

Shopping Terminal 3

This one is also hard to miss. Continuing towards R&D you will enter a corridor with the terminal on the right side wall.

Shopping Terminal 4

After your elevator ride you will find this terminal waiting right in front of you begging you to interact with it.

Shopping Terminal 5

After the scene where the 15 minute countdown begins you will see the final terminal on this level straight ahead of you.