Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Shopping Terminal 6

As you follow Yuki through the streets you will see this terminal sitting on the left side of the road.

Shopping Terminal 7

After the scene with your informant you will exit and find this terminal on the right side of the hallway.

Shopping Terminal 8

When you reach the Jet skis you will find this terminal on the right side of this room across from the boats.

Shopping Terminal 9

When you get to the Iron Raptor battle you can find this terminal by hanging a left and going into a small building. Go down the stairs to find the terminal at the bottom.

Shopping Terminal 10

Just as you enter the sewer hang a left. The shopping terminal will be against the wall.

Shopping Terminal 11

Just before going up the elevator you can find the last terminal off to the right of it.

Nanomachine 1

The first Nanomachine is across from shopping terminal 1. It will be sitting on a box in this area.

Nanomachine 2

This one can be easily missed. When you get into the underground city area where you meet Yuki you must go the opposite way Yuki does. Go to Rachael and talk to the guy with the red shirt. You have to by this item from him.

Nanomachine 3

This one is found just before the Jet skis. Go into the caged area where there are a few items to find the Nanomachine along with them.

Nanomachine 4

This final item is found on a counter during the sequence to rescue your teammates. The room is guarded by a few green robots and will have a bright red light in one corner.