Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 1


Secure-Com 1

The first collectible in the game is so obvious they might as well have someone hand it right to you. Moments after walking through the destroyed bus you will see it directly in front of you on a destroyed car.

Secure-Com 2

When a Grand Lancer bursts onto the scene, he opens up your path to the intel. Hug the right wall and you will find the item waiting for you.

Secure-Com 3

After entering a long corridor filled with metallic boxes you will have a gunfight with some green robots. Upon taking them down you will want to walk to the end of the corridor and hang a right. Hidden behind the boxes will be your third intel.

Secure-Com 4

You will enter a room filled with large containers that you will have a firefight in. The best way to tell your in the right room is after a small firefight with green robots, red ones will show up. Once you have killed the robots, move around the room until your on the right hand side. You will see the intel up a small staircase.

Secure-Com 5

Upon entering a large open area on a street and being jumped by some snipers you will find a building on the right hand side. Behind this building is your next intel.

Secure-Com 6

Near the end of the level you will get in a large gunfight with robots that arrive via a large transport. After mopping up these enemies jump down and go left to find the intel laying on the ground.


Shopping Terminal 1

It would be pretty hard to miss this one. The game makes you very aware of its location when Bo starts rambling on about it. After a short elevator ride you will come across this terminal.

Shopping Terminal 2

Just before your fight with the first large black robot with a Gatling gun you find this terminal.

Shopping Terminal 3

After getting back outside you will get jumped by some snipers. Deal with them then head right towards the building to find your terminal waiting for you.

Shopping Terminal 4

Shortly after terminal 3 you will enter a tunnel with a yellow/orange hue. Destroy the robots then look along the right wall to find the final terminal for this level.

Nanomachine 1

The first nanomachine can be found after using the grapnel gun. This one will be dead ahead of you sitting on a crate.

Nanomachine 2

The second and last nanomachine can be found outside. After fighting your way up the road you will have almost no choice but to pick this item up since it sits directly in your path.