Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 6


Secure-Com 1

The second last intel in the game is found in the same room as the second last shopping terminal. Instead of heading up the stairs to progress further, head to the far end of the room. Go down the flight of stairs and turn left to find the intel next to the staircase

Secure-Com 2

The last intel is tossed neatly right in your path. After the Amada scene near the very end you will find this intel to your right as you go to exit. Congrats, you now have them all.


Shopping Terminal 1

Well you are heading to the heliport you will enter a large room and fight off some blue robots. In this room is the first terminal. It is opposite the door you must go through to progress further into the level.

Shopping Terminal 2

The final terminal in the game could not of been handed to you any easier. After the Amada scene you will walk past this terminal to exit. They basically give this one away.