Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 2


Secure-Com 1

Not long into the mission you will enter an alley and have a small gunfight. Along the left side of this alley is a spiral staircase. Climb it to find your first intel.

Secure-Com 2

After entering this very destroyed looking house kill the single robot, hand a left and go straight to find the intel laying on the ground.

Secure-Com 3

When fighting the spider robot look for a large tower on the right side of the area. Climb up the multiple flights of stairs to reach a ladder. Climb that to find the intel in this high up location.

Secure-Com 4

After meeting your informant there will be a gun fight in his bar. The intel is located on the inner ring of the bar. Hop over the counter to find it on the ground waiting.

Secure-Com 5

After the jet ski ride you will get to a point where you fight the Iron Raptor. Look for a raised section of this area that is 3 floors high and proceed there to start climbing some ladders. Once you reach the top you will find the intel hidden behind some small boxes.

Secure-Com 6

When you enter the sewer hug the right wall. You will quickly walk past a pipe that has the number 5 on it. The intel is resting on the backside of this pipe.

Secure-Com 7

After clearing out the guys in the room with red warning lights you can find the intel between the two large computer terminals.


Shopping Terminal 1

The first terminal is tough to miss. After walking through the building in the beginning this terminal will be right in front of you, slightly to the right.

Shopping Terminal 2

When you fight the Grand Lancer, there will be a building on the right side of the street. Climb the stairs inside to find this terminal up a few floors.

Shopping Terminal 3

When you get to a point where a robot is filling up a canister you will have a large battle well you wait. In the back of this area is the third terminal.

Shopping Terminal 4

When you reach a point in the level where your forced to climb up a building you will find this terminal right in front of you after getting to the top of the stairs.

Shopping Terminal 5

When fighting the large spider robot you will see a large tower area off to the right side of the arena. Climb up its stairs to find this terminal.