Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Chapter 3


Secure-Com 1

In the very beginning walk forward and go behind the counter. Your first intel is on the ground behind it.

Secure-Com 2

When your having the large battle in the tunnel with the robots you will see a large transport vehicle. Behind it is the second intel.

Secure-Com 3

As your working through the building to connect back up with the advance team you will climb a short staircase. As soon as your at the top go left and look behind the white pillar for the intel.

Secure-Com 4

When you reach the assembly area you will climb over the conveyer belts on small sets of stairs. After climbing the first set, walk towards the second and go around behind it. There you will find the intel waiting for you.

Secure-Com 5

The next intel lies inside the maze like area you encounter well trying to reach the rooftop. The pathway that leads to the intel can be seen in the video.

Secure-Com 6

During the sequence where you are trapped in gas is your next intel. It is near one of the gas machines, hidden in a small crevice. If you exit the second air chamber and go right, then walk to the end of the room and look left you will see this intel.

Secure-Com 7

The final intel can be obtained on the roof sequence. After you regain control run forward and look left when you get near the far wall to see your intel.


Shopping Terminal 1

This one is very tough to miss. It is near Bo on the rough. Just walk towards him and you will see it sitting there.

Shopping Terminal 2

This terminal is in the same tunnel as Secure-Com 2. Look for it along the wall opposite the red signs.

Shopping Terminal 3

This level really lays them out for you. This one can be found well working towards your rendezvous with the advance team. It is along the left as you battle some robots.

Shopping Terminal 4

Okay now they are just giving these things away. After riding the elevator up a short ways this one is right in front of you.

Shopping Terminal 5

Same deal again. As you make your way to the rooftop this one is directly on your path.