Binary Domain collectibles guide - Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines


Shopping Terminal 1

When you go down the stairs to escape the enemy cordon turn to your left to find the shopping terminal.

Shopping Terminal 2

After the scene where the giant gorilla robot shows up turn to your right to see the terminal sitting there waiting for you.

Shopping Terminal 3

This terminal is pretty straight forward. As your exiting the train station you will see it on the left.

Shopping Terminal 4

To the right of the red door the large gorilla punches in lies your next shopping terminal.

Shopping Terminal 5

After the red door is punched in by the gorilla, jump down and slightly to the left you will see the next terminal.

Shopping Terminal 6

As your chasing the gorilla through the tunnels you will have to climb a ladder to continue on. Just before this ladder you will find the next terminal.

Shopping Terminal 7

When you reach the warehouse where you fight the gorilla for the last time you will find the terminal. It is directly below the walkway you initially jump down from.

Shopping Terminal 8

After the Faye scene walk out and to the right. Go around the corner and go right again into the small room. Inside you will find the next terminal.

Shopping Terminal 9

Just before you leave in the large cube van you will see this terminal in the left corner of the room near the large door.

Shopping Terminal 10

This terminal is inside the back of the cube van. This one can be easily missed if you are not careful. It is only available for a short time well you are in the back of the van so make sure to check it!

Shopping Terminal 11

At the end of the level where you fight the artillery by the Amada building is the final terminal. Once you gain control head left to see the terminal resting against the wall.