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Valheim Game Boy emulator lets you play Pokemon Yellow in your base

Valheim Game Boy emulator mod
(Image credit: Reddit user Mixone-Computing)

A Valheim Game Boy emulator lets you spend your evenings at base assembling the perfect team in Pokemon Yellow, because your Viking didn't really need sleep anyway.

The mod by Reddit user Mixone-Computing drops a TV into the game world, and when you interact with it, you can start playing Pokemon Yellow right there in the 10th realm (because trying to play it on a to-scale Game Boy would be way too tiny). The emulator is fully functional with video, audio, and controls - though you may run into some trouble if you try to hook a link cable up to your PC to trade and battle with somebody on an actual Game Boy.

Sometimes night falls but you don't want to go to sleep just yet from r/valheim

For the time being, this video is your only way to savor the game-within-a-game meta joy. However, Mixone-Computing says they're working on a version that's ready for the public - it won't include the Pokemon Yellow ROM, but the release version will allow you to load in your own legal backups of Game Boy games and start playing them in Valheim. Personally, I'd start with Legend of the River King, because even games that already have their own fishing systems could always use more fishing.

Valheim modders are working a special kind of magic on this game, especially since it's still in early access and doesn't even have official modding support yet; you can try out the Valheim Attack on Titan mod to grapple yourself onto Trolls, breed monsters, or just make your Viking into a disproportional monstrosity with the Valheim bonemod.

We're keeping our eyes on the Valheim Hearth and Home update to see what's coming in the first big content update since Valheim hit early access.

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