Valheim Attack on Titan mod lets you grapple trolls and other monsters

This Valheim mod inspired by Attack on Titan lets you bring the fight to trolls with help from a new-and-improved harpoon.

The mod, created by DickDangerJustice and succinctly titled Attack on Valheim (as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun), adds a new piece of equipment to the game: a grappling hook which, when used, will latch you directly on to the back of your foes. It's directly inspired by the omni-directional mobility gear from Attack on Titan, which humans use to sling themselves around cities and forests Spider-Man-style as they evade the reach of hungry Titans.

The grappling hook is at its most thematic when you use it on a troll, since it's basically a Titan already (especially when they're inside out). It can be used to latch safely onto the back of pretty much any creature, though, and once you're there you can stab away at their tender back flesh or just enjoy the ride.

The Attack on Valheim mod is available on Nexus Mods if you want to try it out yourself. The modder warns that it's still experimental, so it may not work properly in multiplayer and especially PvP combat. Also mount position is "weird sometimes" so you may end up going for a much stranger monster ride than you initially anticipated, but honestly, it's all part of the fun.

You don't need any mods to get a Valheim sundial as a practical new addition to your base.

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