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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Scott Pilgrim track listing, Studio Ghibli game, new Predators trailer, and more

Some beautiful images to look at today, along with some great new trailers.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Track Listing

The soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was slowly released by Edgar Wright over Twitter, and the guys over at Pitchfork have posted it up for all to see. Quick, get the Becktionary!

Predators Trailer

20th Century Fox have made a new trailer available for Predators. There’s a few new scenes, and this time they’re hinting at the sort of violence we’d expect from a Predator movie. It’s nice to know it hasn’t been watered down.

Timothy Olyphant For Escape From New York?

Movieweb reports that Breck Eisner has been dropping hints that Timothy Olyphant is to be taking the lead role in the remake of Escape From New York. With his recent role in Justified , this could be perfect for Olyphant. Thanks to sister site Total Film for the heads up.

Red Trailer Online

Warren Ellis DC Comic book adaptation starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and more as Ex-CIA Agents that get a bit bored with being retired, has a trailer up online today over at Yahoo. Not strictly SFX material, but it has Helen Mirren as an action hero, what’s not to love?

Studio Ghibli PS3 Game

Studio Ghibli has been working with Level-5 ( Professor Layton ) on a DS game for several years now, but latest news is that a PS3 game is also in development. Kotaku nabbed shots from the game , and it looks stunning.

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