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Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: How to bring in Sergio Vincenza, dead or alive

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Sergio Vincenza
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

If you've been following the recent developments in Rockstar's online frontier, then you'll know that Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties are now a thing. These form an ongoing series that will include ten unique bounties, each of which have their own cinematic introduction to lay out the back stories for their crimes, so you know exactly why you need to bring them to justice. Capture them dead or alive and take them to the local sheriff for an above average reward – but remember that these special targets can only be taken on by players following the Bounty Hunter path of the Red Dead Online roles.

The fourth Legendary Bounty to appear is Sergio Vincenza, an ex-military sniper turned anarchist who is wanted for the attempted assassination of the Governor, so you'll need to have your wits and your best combat skills in Red Dead Online about you as you track down this skilled shooter. We've successfully brought Sergio Vincenza to justice, so read on for everything you need to know about how to complete the fourth of the Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties.

How to start the Red Dead Online Sergio Vincenza Legendary Bounty

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

If you haven't already begun the Bounty Hunter path of the Frontier Pursuits yet, then get yourself over to the sheriff marker in Rhodes to meet the Legendary Bounty Hunter and purchase your Bounty Hunter License – if you've linked your Twitch Prime and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts previously then this should be free, otherwise you'll need to shell out 15 Red Dead Online Gold Bars.

Armed with your official license, check out any bounty board to reveal the Legendary Bounty for Sergio Vincenza. Select the Legendary Bounty to trigger a cutscene, which then leads straight into the bounty hunt as a standalone mission. You only get two team lives, so use them wisely.

Where to find Red Dead Online Sergio Vincenza

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You'll be told that Sergio Vincenza was last seen near Roanoke Ridge, but he's actually holed up in a camp just below the letter V in New Hanover on the map. Unlike previous Legendary Bounties, you won't have to search different areas in order to track down your target as Sergio Vincenza is marked on the map straight away. As you start to get close to him, you'll see plenty of guards patrolling around the camp, and it's up to you if you'd prefer to take them out silently or go in all guns blazing.

How to capture Red Dead Online Sergio Vincenza

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Sergio Vincenza

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Sergio Vincenza is located up a tower in the middle of the camp, so has overwatch of the whole area with his sniper rifle. Ideally you want to take out as many guard as possible without getting spotted, as once everyone goes on alert Sergio Vincenza will be able to take shots at you and he has great accuracy. Stay in cover as much as possible so he can't line you up – if you see a bright flicker across the screen accompanied by an audio cue then he has you in his sights, and be warned that he can also detonate nearby explosives to take you out even if you are behind cover.

Once you've eliminated the nearby guards, you can sprint from cover to cover to reach the base of the tower, at which point Sergio Vincenza can no longer target you from above. Head up the stairs and incapacitate him at the top, then load him up on your horse and make good with your escape. You'll need to ride all the way up the east coast to Annesburg to drop off your bounty, so be prepared for plenty more enemies either lying in wait to ambush you or chasing up behind on horseback. Keep going until you reach the drop off, at which point a handsome reward is yours to collect – congratulations, you've successfully captured and brought in Sergio Vincenza!

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