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Dreams fulfilled, hopes dashed and two signs of the apocalypse. It’s been a positively epic seven days.

We’re rarely ones to overstate matters so believe us when we say it’s been an eventful week in SFX Towers.

For starters it’s the final full week we have to work on the redesign issue and there’s still enough left to do to ensure daylight is but a distant memory. Finished pages are coming through thick and fast and just yesterday the team huddled round Dave B’s monitors to work on cover lines. You can see the results when the issue goes on sale, 6 April.

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We’re also starting to get a little worried that some higher power doesn’t want us to finish this issue, with the lurgy spreading round the office faster than the cooties at a kissing convention (get well soon, Ade!) and a catastrophic plumbing failure on Wednesday morning. Flooding wasn’t the issue, rather it was a total lack of the wet stuff meaning no water, no toilets and, more importantly, no tea. Rations of bottled water were distributed like we were refugees, and at one point there was even talk of what we would need to turn sterile urine into drinking water. All this despite the fact SFX Towers is located next door to a pub complete with ample toilet facilities and libations galore.

Despite the inconvenience, nothing could damper Jordan’s spirits because yesterday morning our chums at Nintendo sent us a spanking new cosmic black 3DS for the office! No games as yet but he had enough fun on the 3DS’ built in augmented reality software to immediately declare his years in the Nintendo wilderness at an end (he hasn’t bought a Nintendo console since the Gamecube you see, despite being a Ninty die hard since he developed dexterity in his fingers). Craving a further Whedon fix after finishing Angel last week he also decided to watch Firefly again for the first time in almost six years and had mixed reactions at just how little of it he remembered. Pleasure: because it was like watching them all for the first time, and sever anxiety that he’s in the first stages of early onset Alzheimers. Then again it’s probably just the oodles of useless sci-fi trivia clogging up his synapses.

The life of a reviews ed is not a happy one during deadline week, but Ian’s stresses have been soothed today by seeing two ambitions come true. Firstly, there’s the personal triumph of making it to the Top Tweets page on Twitter - hell yeah! All this time he’s been wasting time trying to come up with Wildean witticisms, but it turns out all you have to do to become a “resonator” (whatever that might be) is to snap a page of the horror comics collection you’re reading for review (see below). Even better, he’s also received official confirmation that he’s going to be a zombie extra in forthcoming Brit-horror Cockneys Vs Zombies ! Those Cockneys don’t stand a chance…

Rob has been mainly eating chips and discussing comic ideas with Dave G over well-earned pints. He also had a dream interview with childhood hero, 2000AD legend and all round top chap Pat Mills, and is pleased to have made the aquaintance of Axe Cop. He will more than likely be celebrating his Irish roots tonight with a sensible evening of drinking and nibbles while poring over his Fear Itself preview.

Rich has been zooming back and forth between Bath and London this week, first for a screening of Sucker Punch and secondly to interview the cast of Game Of Thrones , while Russell is having a tough time: No water! Bad news! Way behind with the magazine! Horrible misty weather! Prisoner captions cocked up! But never fear, it’s almost the weekend. Oh hang on, we’ll probably be working it.... (gets revolver and whisky bottle out).

Random Quote Of The Week: “I’d say he’s in the top 2% of famous people in the country.”

Whose Pockets? (last week’s answer: it was Ian’s stuff! We made it too easy, eh?)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.