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FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes: career mode fixed at last

(Image credit: EA)

Career mode woes have been justifiably spotlit during the last fortnight, so it’s a relief to see them addressed in the FIFA 20 1.05 update. The new patch for FIFA 20 is live on PC, and will be available for PS4 and Xbox One any day now. The patch is the most comprehensive yet, with a full rundown available on the official FIFA 20 forums. For those who don’t have half a day free to comb through it, below are the key changes in the FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes.

FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes: career mode

Fed up of Manchester City lining up against you with half their youth team? This issue has been fixed, and opponents should now put out their strongest side in each match. Note, however, that you’ll have to start over in order for this to take effect – any existing saves are sadly stuck with the bug. Gah.

Also fixed - mercifully - are weird news reports which would see teams celebrating 0-0 draws, or reports of club teams facing countries - such as Manchester United defeating Austria mid-season. EA also says qualification parameters for the Champions League and Europa League work properly, an issue affected the Carabao Cup semi-finals going to extra-time instead of penalties is gone, and managers should no longer be fired in the middle of a long winning run. Unless you’re controlling Watford. [Joking, obvs.]

FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes: gameplay

FIFA 20 best young defenders

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Lots of incremental bits and pieces here, meaning it’ll be a couple of weeks before we can judge whether the on-field action is changed for the better. Legendary difficulty has been made even harder with the AI now even better at dribbling and set-pieces, while on all difficulties skill moves are tweaked. The Advances Rainbow is now a 5-star move, fake shots now have more error applied to them, and the Body Feint move is now more responsive when standing still. Keepers are also less likely to spill the ball when bumping into a team-mate. 

FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes: Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Customise Screen

(Image credit: EA)

Confused by the inability to see score thresholds in Division Rivals and Squad Battles? Us too, so it’s a huge relief to see them restored. An annoying bug which meant the AI would occasionally take full control of your team in an online match is gone, as is an issue where sometimes fitness levels of your players didn’t update correctly after completing a game.

FIFA 20 1.05 patch notes: round-up

Some other noteworthy one-liners:

- Various visual issues in Volta storyline cut-scenes have been addressed.
- Pro Clubs players no longer have the number 1 on the back of every shirt during drop-in matches.
- A ‘PS4 Tournaments’ option is added to the online HUD.
- 2049 in-game player photos have been updated.

FIFA 20 is out now. Ready to start your career now the mode has been fixed? Then jump on over to our FIFA 20 career mode guide.

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