Ask Brent "Data" Spiner a question with SFX

Want to ask Brent Spiner a question?

Famous to our readers as Data from Star Trek, he has also starred in movies such as Independence Day and TV shows like Threshold. He turned his hand to writing with Star Trek Nemesis, and has performed on stage - he's an accomplished singer and is about to release a new CD entitled Dreamland (a distinctive concept album which is also part radio show, part stage musical, and part narrative). Find out more about him at his official website here .

In the latest of our Fannish Inquisition features, we'll put your questions to him! Want to find out about his career highlights, his ambitions, his inspirations, his other projects? Ask away. You can leave your questions in the thread below (no registration required) or on the forum here , or email us here and we'll put it all together, and ask the man himself on your behalf next week. Fire away!