A new trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne shows off new monsters, weapons, and a fresh story


A new trailer for Capcom's paid expansion to Monster Hunter World dropped today featuring a handful of new beasts that fans have been clamoring for. Two fantastical wyverns, Tigrex and Glavenus who hadn't been featured in World yet, are coming to the game within the Iceborne expansion.

You can see both beasts along with the armor you can make from their pelts in the trailer below.

The trailer also showed off a whole new story players can experience by playing Iceborne, Capcom says the expansion will featuring a significant amount of content similar to previous like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which was an expanded version of Monster Hunter 4. The storyline continues after the plot of the original game, with the Fifth Fleet trying to explore and understand the new world.

Iceborne takes place in Hoarfrost Reach, a new region filled with a diverse array of environments, new monsters, and another elder dragon named Velkana. You'll have Seliana, a new base of operations, as well. We broke down a ton of new content that's coming to Iceborne when it was originally revealed in Sony's recent State of Play broadcast. 

With the reveal of Tigrex and Glavenous some fans are hoping to see monsters like Gammoth, Astalos, and Mizutsune join the fray. We could know next week once we see Iceborne on the floor at E3

The expansion drops on September 6, 2019 with a bundle that includes the base game and the expansion for $59.99, the expansion itself can be purchased for $39.99. 

For tips on all the monsters currently in Capcom's epic adventure, check out our Monster Hunter World monsters guide.