Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu - tips and tricks for defeating it

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Nightshade Paolumu marks a return for the gigantic puffball, albeit with some changes. The fluffy flying Wyvern now has much darker markings and uses sleep powder to incapacitate its foes before barreling into them, forcing hunters to play a lot more cautiously if they wish to avoid failing. 

While Nightshade Paolumu may not look as intimidating as the rest of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's toothy terrors, it can still destroy those who dare to underestimate its power – in fact, Nightshade Paolumu can quickly decimate even the most experienced hunters if they happen to get caught napping. If you wish to avoid falling prey to this deadly sleep-inducing subspecies, then make sure you follow our monster guide below to discover the tips and tricks you need to defeat this ferocious Flying Wyvern. 

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Nightshade Paolumu behaviour and traits

Nightshade Paolumu behaviour and traits

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Nightshade Paolumu relies on its sleep spores to incapacitate its victims before moving in for the kill. When enraged, Nightshade Paolumu’s aerial attack will become more frequent and erratic in nature. Meanwhile, the dark colouring and garish patterns on its puffy thrill are used to intimidate its foes, giving it a more sinister vibe that distinguishes it from its cheerfully pink cousin. While we may not know much about this deadly subspecies, we do know that Nightshade Paolumu appears to be a lot more aggressive than World’s regular variant.

Nightshade Paolumu strategy and tips 

Nightshade Paolumu appears to favour aerial attacks over regular ground-based moves, so make sure you bring plenty of flashbugs and convert them into flash pods. After all, keeping Nightshade Paolumu on the ground will make it a lot easier to hit, especially if you’re using weapons with relatively low reach. Just be sure to avoid knocking it into any nearby sleep particles as you won’t be able to hit it without succumbing to an unwanted slumber. It’s also important to remember that once Nightshade Paolumu has unleashed its sleep-inducing spores, it can move the gas around with its tail and wings. As a result, packing energy drinks is essential as you really don’t want to be caught dozing off when this beast comes flying towards you. 

Just like regular Paolumu, the Nightshade subspecies can be toppled over if you apply enough damage to its legs, giving you plenty of opportunities to KO it once its been knocked down. Be wary of Nightshade Paolumu’s aerial dive bomb attacks as these deal a tremendous amount of damage and can leave you stunned, making you incredibly vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Consider using ranged weapons or those that have decent aerial moves as you’ll not only be able to constantly hit it when its flying, you’ll also be able to send Nightshade Paolumu plummeting to the ground below with mounting attacks. 

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