Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Glavenus guide - tips and tricks for taking it down


The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Glavenus is the first version of this new monster you’ll face in the expansion. It’s a large tyrannosaurus like creature that has an incredibly sharp tail. Not only can it attack with large sweeping slashes, but it can also spit fire and heat up its tail to cause extra damage. The Glavenus is a returning monster from Monster Hunter Generations, but you don’t need to know its past to take it down. 

This bipedal brute is one of the strongest monsters in the game, so you’ll need your wits about you if you don't want to become this beast’s dinner. If you find yourself struggling to survive against Glavenus or simply want some tips for hunting it, then be sure to follow our guide below.

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Glavenus behaviour and traits

Glavenus’ hyper-aggressive nature and tremendous power allow it to overtake the territory of any monster that dares stands in its path. This apex predator can often be seen dragging its sword-like tail across the ground, keeping its tail sharp and intimidating nearby wyverns. Glavenus isn’t just incredibly strong, it’s also fast, and has a horizontal leap that would make even the best olympian jealous.


Glavenus attacks and strategy tips

The majority of Glavenus’ attacks are centred around its sword-like tail which it sharpens with its mouth to give its attacks a fiery surprise. Once sharpened, Glavenus can unleash fiery blasts that add both range and lethality to its tail hits. Glavenus can also spit out molten projectiles that explode after a short delay, often zoning his attackers and forcing them to play more defensively. Even Glavenus’ bite can set a hunter ablaze and deals consistent burn damage until the fire is put out. However, the main move most players’ have difficulty with is Glavenus’ charged spin. When Glavenus starts to sharpen his tail, you’ll need to either make some distance, stick behind his left leg, or dodge it with a well-timed dive. This attack may seem rather intimidating at first, but it’s easily exploitable when you know how to avoid it. Once you’ve dodged this lethal move, you’ll be able to launch a counterattack during the animation’s downtime.

Cutting Glavenus’ tail should be a top priority for any hunting party, especially if you wish to reduce the range of his attacks. However, cutting Glavenus’ mighty tail off can be a little tricky, as it can only be severed when it has become heated. As you’d expect, getting close to the bipedal brute’s main source of damage is often rather dangerous, so look for openings where it’s safe to get in a few hits without being sliced. For example, Glavenus has an aerial move where he leaps into the air and slams his tail into the ground. Not only is this attack incredibly easy to dodge, but it also gives you a decent amount of time to start breaking the tail. You do have to be aware of the potential for a follow-up attack here though, sometimes there will be a second, smaller leap immediately after the first. If you’re caught unaware by this it can finish you off.

While cutting Glavenus’ tail drastically increases your chances of success, there are a few things that you can do before the hunt that will aid you throughout the fight. If you’re tired of seeing your health bar being chipped away by fiery attacks, then consider wearing armour or eating food that gives your hunter decent fire resistance. Not only will this reduce Glavenus’ main source of damage, but it also prevents Fireblight entirely if you have 20 points in fire resistance. Lastly, consider equipping a water or dragon weapon to capitalise on Glavenus’ elemental weaknesses which are Water, Ice, and Dragon. This will make the fight significantly shorter and increase your chances of success.

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