Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Velkhana guide - tips and tricks for defeating it


Velkhana is the main antagonist of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion and Capcom is hoping fans will be blown away by its chilly ice-based attacks. Information surrounding this mysterious Elder Dragon is rather scarce, but we expect Velkhana to be around the same difficulty level as Monster Hunter World’s flagship monster, Nergigante. Velkhana is the latest Elder Dragon who will be joining the long lineage of powerful beasts that make up Monster Hunter’s most deadly creatures. Elder Dragons are known for their brutal attacks, high intelligence, and ability to cause natural phenomena and disasters. Make sure you check out the guide below to learn more about Velkhana and how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming battle.

Velkhana behaviour and traits

Velkhana uses its immense power to control and bend the icy elements to its will. However, these frosty attacks aren’t just your everyday ice attacks - in fact, Iceborne devs stated in a recent stream that “there’s a bit of a twist to its behaviour”. While we may not know much about this mysterious Elder Dragon, we do know that it has the power to freely control the cold and can often be seen unleashing icy blasts of breath that freeze everything in its path.


Velkhana attacks and strategy tips

The snippets of footage we’ve seen so far have depicted Velkhana as being incredibly agile in the air, often choosing to blast hunters with ice attacks from afar. This aerial combat isn’t too dissimilar to that of Kushala Daora, another Elder Dragon who spent the majority of its time bombarding players’ from the sky with tornado projectiles. Flash bombs will likely play a big part in knocking this ancient creature out of the sky, so make sure you get farming those Flashbugs if you wish to make the fight easier. Meanwhile, Velkhana’s Elder Dragon classification means it will likely be weak to dragon-based attacks - after all, the vast majority of Monster Hunter’s Elder Dragons are weak to dragon elemental weapons, so we expect that dragon and fire weapons will work wonders against this deadly dragon.

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