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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Velkhana guide - tips and tricks for defeating it


The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Velkhana is the main antagonist of the frosty expansion, and Capcom is hoping fans will be blown away by its chilly ice-based attacks. From what we know so far about this mysterious Elder Dragon, we expect that Velkhana will be about the same difficulty level as Monster Hunter World’s flagship monster, Nergigante. Velkhana is the latest Elder Dragon to join the long lineage of powerful beasts that form Monster Hunter’s most deadly creatures. Elder Dragons are known for their brutal attacks, high intelligence, and their ability to cause natural phenomena and disasters. Make sure you check out the guide below to learn more about Velkhana and how you can prepare yourself for the battle in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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Velkhana behaviour and traits

Velkhana uses its immense power to control and bend the icy elements to its will. Its attacks can be broadly split between its normal form and its enraged or powered-up form. The former has Velkhana looking almost sweet, while the latter has it coating itself in powerful ice armour and spikes. In the latter form it attacks more often and can even do completely different attacks like summoning giant ice crystals out of thin air. It’s not to be underestimated.


Velkhana attacks and strategy tips

You will fight against Velkhana multiple times over the course of the Iceborne story. The first time will have it purely in its normal form. This is the easiest fight by far and serves as a good primer on how to fight it later on. While it can fly into the air it only tends to do so for specific attacks. These are firing an ice beam across the stage, a spinning tail sweep, and a tail stab with a surprisingly long range. On the ground, it tends to stick to a straight-firing ice beam, or quick stabs with its lance-like tail. 

After this fight you’ll have to repel it. This involves fighting against the powered-up form, but only for long enough to satisfy the mission requirements. It has access to most of its new attacks, which include hovering in the air and breathing ice straight down, which cause ice crystals to appear all around it. It can also now shoot its frozen beam in a sweeping motion, so you have to get behind it or dodge through it. Finally, it can do a couple of attacks that cause ice crystals to form above you and fall upon you, stay on the move and these will miss you. After you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage you’ll have to load up a special gun and fire it to end the fight. 

You’ll then have to face it for real in Hoarfrost Reach. This time it has access to all of its moves, but you’ll have to genuinely beat it. If you don’t bring a weapon with Elderseal then you can expect to fight it in its powered-up form for most of the fight. The final arena you fight it in is quite small, so you have to be especially wary of the ice walls it can create as well as the AoE attacks. No matter which form it is in, it’s weak to Fire, Thunder, Dragon, and Water, so make sure you’re well equipped. It’s also very vulnerable to Blast attacks, if you prefer to attack in a more flashy manner.

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