A new Fortnite Rick and Morty skin finally reunites the pair

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Update: Morty has finally come to Fortnite to reunite with Rick, who joined the battle royale about two months ago at the start of season 7. Fortnite's Morty skin was revealed in a datamine last week, but now it's available for purchase from the in-game store. 

Accommodating for his small stature, Mecha Morty has been added to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass as a Legendary skin along with a new 'Get Schwifty' emote. Check out Epic Games' new cinematic trailer for the long-awaited Morty skin:

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Original story:

Fortnite is getting its second Rick and Morty skin to round out the foul-mouthed duo, according to a new leak.

In a recent tweet, dataminer HYPEX unveiled an upcoming Morty skin. While Grandpa Rick has been a playable character since the start of Fortnite Season 7, his long-suffering grandson was previously only featured as a pickaxe.

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According to HYPEX, that's set to change, with Morty making his way to the game along with a 'Get Schwifty' emote, referencing the musical number that featured in the show's second season. There's also a slight catch, as while Rick is large enough to match Fortnite's traditional hitboxes, Morty is notably shorter. To make up for some of the size difference, he'll be housed in an exosuit. It's not clear when Morty will be joining his grandpa in the game, but if related assets are already visible in the game client, he's likely to show up relatively soon.

While Morty's arrival means that the sci-fi duo has been reunited, it looks as though he's not the only notable character on his way to the game. HYPEX also uncovered a character that appears to be based on Will Smith's portrayal of Detective Mike Lowrey in the Bad Boys film series. Boasting some fetching sunglasses and packing some serious firepower via his Back Bling, the resemblance to the Fresh Prince actor is uncanny, but it seems unlikely that this particular character has just stepped off the streets of Bel-Air.

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