Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood flags and feathers guide

Demoralize the Borgia by ripping down every last banner and bird relic in Rome

This week's release of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood means two things: First, we've got a new, city-sized playground in which to run around and stab hapless guards to death. Second, there's a new galaxy of collectibles to ferret out and claim. starting with the 101 Borgia flags and 10 feathers that have been scattered around Rome. Finding these may seem a little daunting in a city as big as Rome, but it's necessary if you want to claim some of the game's best Achievements/Trophies, as well as this awesome wardrobe piece:

Above: Find them all, and the diabolicallystylish (and Notoriety-eliminating)Borgia Cape will be yours!

To help you find every last scrap of bull-printed cloth and eagle detritus in the city, we've put together this guide, with videos and locations for every key collectible hiding throughout the game. Granted, you could just buy maps to this stuff in the game, but if you'drather save your florins AND get step-by-step instructions on how to grab the trickier items and secret-location flags, we're here to help.Meanwhile, if you're having troublewith Cluster locationsand solutions, or if you want to find all five 2012 Artifacts, our aptly namedClusters and 2012 Artifacts guidecan help with that, too.And if you're still not sure whether the game is even worth your attention,be sure tocheck outour super review.

%26bull;Flags and feathers map
%26bull;Flags 1-9 (northwestern area)
%26bull;Flags 10-18 (southwestern area)
%26bull;Flags 19-26 (eastern area)
%26bull;Feathers 1-3

%26bull;Flags and feathers map
%26bull;Flags 1-8 (northeastern area)
%26bull;Flags 9-13 (central western area)
%26bull;Flags 14-19 (central eastern/southern area)
%26bull;Flags 20-26 (Tiber Island and southwest)
%26bull;Feathers 1-4

%26bull;Flags and feathers map
%26bull;Flags 1-6 (northwest of Colosseum)
%26bull;Flags 7-11 (Aventino/Thieves Guild area)
%26bull;Flags 12-18 (east of Colosseum)
%26bull;Flags 19-26 (southeast/southern "locked" areas)
%26bull;Feathers 1-3

%26bull;Flags map
%26bull;Flags 1-5

%26bull;Terme di Traiano: The Halls of Nero
%26bull;Il Colosseo: Thrown to the Wolves
%26bull;Catacombe di Roma: Wolves Among the Dead
%26bull;Palazzo Laterano: The Sixth Day
%26bull;Cloaca Maxima: Leader of the Pack
%26bull;Basilica di San Pietro: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


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