Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide


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Fragment 1

The first Fragment in Cappadocia’s easy to find; just before you enter the cave complex, hang a left and then turn left again. The shiny thing can be found in a little clearing.

Fragment 2

Fragment 2’s pretty easy to snag; immediately after entering Cappadocia proper, head down the ramp past the guards and investigate the little building whose doorway faces toward the cave entrance. The Fragment’s just through the door.

Fragment 3

Near the southeastern corner of Cappadocia is an inaccessible (at first) area walled off by a wooden fence. The next Fragment is in a corner to the right of its gate.

Fragment 4

From Fragment 3, head west along the southern wall of the complex. The next Fragment’s in the shadow of a rickety wooden structure, under an awning.

Fragment 5

Directly southwest of Fragment 4 is a big, adobe-looking building overlooking the complex. Climb it.

On its roof, in a corner, you’ll find your next prize.

Fragment 6

Continue west and then south to find Cappadocia’s only bookstore. In addition to some rare volumes you won’t find elsewhere, it’s also the best and only place to snag Fragment 6, which sits on its roof.

Fragment 7

Trudge north from Fragment 6 for a little ways until you reach the little square where there’s a crowd watching a fight during the second Cappadocia mission. Just around the corner from said crowd is the next Data Fragment.

Fragment 8

West and slightly north of the last Fragment, you’ll find this one on a ledge overlooking a sloped walkway, right across from a huge, ramshackle wooden roof.

Fragment 9

On the western edge of the cave complex is a tunnel leading to an isolated area, and this Fragment can be found suspended above said tunnel entrance, to the north. The easiest way to reach it is by climbing up the structure just south of the entrance and running across the tightrope to claim your prize.

Fragment 10

This one’s pretty simple; head into the tunnel we just mentioned and, when it empties into a large chamber, drop down and turn to face the room’s southeastern corner. The next Fragment’s there, waiting.

Fragment 11

Leave the tunnel and head northeast, following the cave complex’s north wall until you see this Fragment sitting on an elevated walkway/shop roof, west of a doctor.

Fragment 12

The final Animus Data Fragment looks like a challenge to get to, but in reality it’s pretty simple. First, locate it southeast of the Fragment 11, nestled on a high platform near the cave ceiling.

To get up to it, head to the massive rock tower at the center of the cave (the one that you climbed as a Viewpoint on first arriving to Cappadocia). Start climbing.

At the top, you’ll see this rope “bridge” leading to some wooden platforms jutting out of the north wall of the cave. Head on over there.

From the platform, the Fragment will be in view. Slide down the zipline and work your way northwest, and it – and the Capped Achievement/Trophy – will be yours at last.

If you thought the 20G Achievement/Bronze Trophy was something of a huge anticlimax after all that work, take heart: the next set of collectibles is a hell of a lot easier to track down, and the payoff for doing so is much, much cooler.

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