Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide

Bayezid District, South

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Fragment 1

At the southwestern edge of the Forum of the Ox (just west of its icon on the map, actually), you’ll find this Fragment hovering above the freestanding column pictured below. To reach it, climb onto the pillars across from it and jump over.

Fragment 2

The next Fragment is on this tallish building, just southwest of the district’s Assassin den:

Climb up onto its roof, and the next Fragment is yours.

Fragment 3

This one’s a short distance south of the last Fragment, on the roof of another domed building next to a minaret.

Fragment 4

A little northeast of the Arsenal tunnel entrance, you’ll find the next Fragment on the roof of this tallish building:

Fragment 5

This Fragment’s on top of yet another domed building, this time a short distance southeast of the Bayezid Camii tunnel entrance and close to a doctor.

Fragment 6

Head a short distance southeast of Fragment 5’s location, and you’ll find this one on top of (sigh) yet another dome next to yet another minaret.

NOTE: If you’ve been following our guide exactly up to this point, you should now have 50 Data Fragments, which triggers the automatic exposure of every remaining data fragment on the map. Nevertheless, we’re going to soldier through and reveal the rest, just in case.

Fragment 7

The domes just keep on coming, but there’s no minaret near this Fragment, which you’ll find a short distance southwest from Fragment 6.

Fragment 8

You’ll find the next Fragment hovering above one of the archways in the building just east of the Little Hagia Sophia.

Fragment 9

Head over to the southeastern face of the Little Hagia Sophia and climb up to the roof. The next Fragment is on top of the spire pictured below:

Fragment 10

Midway between the Arsenal and the South Port tunnel entrance sits a round fortress tower; on its flagpole rests another Data Fragment. Approach it from the rooftops to its north to snag this one.

Fragment 11

Head west along the city wall from Fragment 10, and you’ll see this squarish, squat-looking tower:

Climb up onto it and look behind its battlements, and you’ll find the last Fragment that Bayezid South’s been hiding.

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