Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide

Imperial District, North

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Fragment 1

A little bit south of the pier and just northeast of a bookshop, you’ll find this Fragment floating above an archway:

Fragment 2

A short jog southeast of the last Fragment and north of the Thieves’ headquarters, you’ll find the next Fragment on a pole jutting out from the building below:

Fragment 3

From Fragment 2’s location, head northeast, back toward the docks, and you’ll find this Fragment sitting on a pole jutting out the side of this huge wall:

Fragment 4

Head south from Fragment 3, and the next Fragment will be waiting on a wall-pole, just above the bookshop that’s under this rickety-looking roof-thing:

Fragment 5

About a block or so east of Fragment 4, north of a doctor and a faction building and south of a tailor, you’ll find the next Data Fragment sitting on top of this signpost:

Fragment 6

To grab this Fragment, you’ll have to venture into the restricted area that is Topkapi Palace. (Technically this one’s outside of the Imperial District, but the game counts it for Imperial North just the same.) You’ll find it on a window ledge along the northwestern face of the palace.

Fragment 7

The next couple Fragments can be found out in front of the Hagia Sophia. To grab the first one, scale the minaret at the northern corner of the building’s courtyard. The Fragment can be seen gleaming from its top spire.

Fragment 8

The second Hagia Sophia Data Fragment is practially a gimme, as you’ll find it at the center of the landmark’s courtyard, sitting on top of a gazebo.

Fragment 9

Just east of the Hagia Sophia is Sofia Sartor’s shop. The Fragment is around its back, sitting on a beam jutting out from the western side of the building’s northern face.

Fragment 10

Look directly south across the square from Sofia’s shop, and you’ll see the next Fragment floating above an awning. Run and grab it.

Fragment 11

Imperial North’s final fragment can be found in the Grand Bazaar; enter from the southeast, and run west until you see it perched on this archway’s support beam:

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