Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide

Imperial District, South

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Fragment 1

A few blocks northwest of the Hippodrome, you’ll find the district’s first Fragment on a wooden platform jutting out of this building:

Fragment 2

Head east toward the Hippodrome, and you’ll find the next Fragment a short distance northeast of the landmark. Look for it hidden on a beam behind a tree with purple blossoms, just above a group of mercenaries.

Fragment 3

Just south of the Hippodrome, across the square, you’ll find the next fragment on top of the archway pictured below:

Fragment 4

Head even further south, toward the docks, and the next Fragment will be waiting on the south side of the city wall, just above an archway.

Fragment 5

A little northeast of Fragment 4, the next Fragment is laying between two rooftops.

Fragment 6

Head further northeast from Fragment 5, and keep looking upward. Pretty soon you’ll see the next Fragment on a rope suspended over the street.

Fragment 7

Northwest of where you found the last Fragment, you’ll be able to grab the next one from on top of this archway, near a blacksmith’s shop.

Fragment 8

Head a short distance east from Fragment 7’s location, and you’ll stumble across a Viewpoint tower. The Fragment’s up at the very top.

Fragment 9

Fragment 9 hides behind a tree just east of the Forum of Constantine, on a beam next to a covered walkway.

Fragment 10

The next Fragment can be found just south of the Hagia Sophia, on a rope suspended near a plaza.

Fragment 11

Imperial South’s final fragment sits at the southern corner of the Hagia Sophia, on top of one of the cathedral/mosque/museum’s minarets.

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